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Sunday  morning walk through the woods! 

We’ve not been on an adventure with J and E for a while, last place was Garwnant a few weeks ago.

Today we stayed local and headed to the park. We walked the woods, worked out at around a mile, not bad. Wasn’t a fast paced walk in just happy Z walked it. There was a few times he tried getting on my back but as I was wearing a yellow jumper I didn’t even put the back carrier on! There were a lot of bangs, I think this is what unsettled him, maybe even fear of the unknown? E could ask questions of where we going? What are we going to see, for Z it’s always a mystery. 

We walked along fallen trees, we went through muddy patches and frosty patches. 

E looked for bears in the gaps of the woods! No we didn’t find any! 

What we did find was our way to the park. He couldn’t understand why he couldnt play in the water, not that there was any water! He did have fun on the climbing frame, the park was lovely and quiet well it would be on a damp cold cloudy day! 


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