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Little angels pants.

I was lucky enough to be sent a pack of Asda Little angel day and night pants to review. 

I was quite excited to see Asda getting involved with new nappies aimed at older children. 

Z is still in nappies, we have to use pull- ups as the nappies we were using were rubbing him as they were getting to full.

First impressions I was pleased, they are a lot bigger than pull-ups, meaning less poonami explosion and change of clothes! They seem a lot more absorbent. 

The design is a little boring with just footballs but that’s ok, Z isn’t interested with what’s on them anyway. One was used that night for bed, the following morning Z was a little damp, but he does often wake up a little damp around his vest. 

He wore them to school and came home in the same clothes as he went in with, meaning there wasn’t a poomami explosion!

They are not as flexible as a pull-up meaning as they are pull up pants we did have to be careful as to not to rip them as there’s no Velcro to stick them back together. 

I was disappointed with the price. When going to buy them, at £3.87 for 10. This goes to 9 for the L. These are the same price as a pull-up. Pull-ups are not really used as nappies they are there for accidents in the beginning of toilet training stages. Ten pants lasted a day, with one as a spare. Counting the one he wore to bed, one when we got up, four sent in for school, one change when home, another change around six and one before bed at 9. That’s 9 changes that one day. Looking at a packet a day, and hopefully no sickness, or no excessive drinking that day.

Going on the price of £3.87 a day, a weeks worth of nappies here cost £27.09. A normal pack of little angels size 6 nappies  there’s 30 nappies in a pack for £3.75 so already 12p cheaper, and your getting an extra 20 nappies. So one pack would last three days, you can get these on offer for £10, 90 nappies for £10. A weeks worth £10 with spares, I’m paying nearly £20 more. I think this is slightly unfair. When the word disabled is mentioned everything goes up in price, as if having a child with additional needs isn’t hard enough without the extra expense. 

As these were more absorbent than a pull-up because they are more a nappy than a training pants, for long car journeys or a full day out I would purchase them. I know I could go further without having to worry that he would leak through. 

Hopefully there will be deals on like normal nappies that make affording them much easier as then the more people who purchase them the cheaper they can become! 


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4 thoughts on “Little angels pants.

  1. It won’t have cost them much more to make a bigger size so they really are just cashing in on disabled/SEN children. It frustrates me that as soon as a product is needed for disabled children, the price doubles or triples. Such a shame as so many parents would use these on their children, if they were a better price.

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