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A – Z of autism 2017 

April first, always known as April fools day, now it’s known as autism awareness day, April is autism awareness week or month or both. 

Last year I done my A-Z of Autism                              ( I’ve backlinked after to compare answers!) I’m going to attempt it again to see what’s changed if any.

A: Acceptance – I think people should be accepted for who they are, regardless of disability, gender or colour. The more we teach children now to accept everyone hopefully by the time Z is old enough he’ll be well on his way to being accepted for who he is. 

B: Blogs and or Bloggers – From reading other people’s blogs and chatting to bloggers I’ve learnt loads. No two autistic people are the same. Also that autism families stick together! 

C: Children – I’m lucky I get to take Z on the school bus. I’ve seen a huge progress in regards to children on the bus. He didn’t like sitting next to anyone, he now sits next to a little boy, going and coming home from school, often will just look at one another and smile. To notice children from his class outside of school and smile at them is huge progress.

D: Drums – we were lucky to find a drum tutor that took on Z, has the patience of a saint with him.  When I question after a bad time is it worth it, and he says persevere for a little while! He loves his drums! 

E: Energy – Where Z gets his energy from I dont know! I wouldn’t have that amount if I drank a few cans of red bull. 

F: Food –  Not sure compared to last year how many new foods we have in his diet but I think at least three to five. 

G: Grampa – To see the little bond growing between a grampa and grandson is huge, considering Z wasn’t really too bothered last year he was all nan! 

H: Happy – Something Z is most of the time. We’ve always said what a happy child he is. I’d love to be like him, not have a care in the world and be as happy as he is! 

I: IPad. A huge one! One I’d never be without. It’s taught Z so many things from letters to numbers to colours and shapes. 

J:  Jump – something only very recently Z had learnt to do, jump of something. Yup at 4.5 he would just walk off the settee now he jumps! 

K: kinder eggs – He will watch people opening these on YouTube for ages. He loves to crush them and get the paper out! Will actually say the word egg. 

L: Letters – He loves letters, he’s learning that he can communicate with spelling words which is fab, until it’s becoming an obsession . 

M: Micro Chips – A firm favourite food! 

N: Numbers –  Z is my little maths genius. How he knows his number bonds to hundred, that’s without what ever else he can do that I’ve not seen yet! 

O: Obsessions – Currently these are his numbers and letters. 

P: parents – Meething other parents going through the same sort of things has been great. Yes, my friends and family are fab, but they are not living with autism 24/7 365 days. Parents we can laugh, we can cry but mostly we have each other’s backs. 

Q: Questions –  I still have loads of questions, I’m not sure I’ll ever get all the answers. 

R: Routines – Don’t most children like routines! I’m lucky that Z’s are not strict strict. He needs his routine, we suffer more in holiday time than term time. But we can still struggle during the week. 

S: Spelling – Z is amazing at spelling. The more words he spells, the more he’s attempting to say them. His speech is coming on great! 

T: Teachers –  Without these he wouldn’t be doing things now, each and everyone of them need a huge shout out! Obviously I can’t name them ( and I’m pretty certain they don’t even know about this!) but they have been amazing. I know I can ask them anything, and if Z wasn’t happy he wouldn’t cry coming out he would be crying going in! 

U: Understanding –  This can be taken for both Z and people. I’m finding a lot more people seem to understand the struggles. For Z his understanding is getting much better. 

V: vocabulary – Z’s vocabulary is extensive! We recently saw a pig, it was very big. He said pig, then with all the words on his iPad he got the word Gargantuan up!  

W: Waking – Z still don’t sleep all night, most nights we see 2am and will go back at 5.45. Yes it’s harsh when the alarm is going off at 7! 

X: Xylophone – One word he spelt, that’s when I knew he could spell anything! 

Y: You Tube –  He can get you tube on anything, he knows what he wants and how to find it! 

Z: Z –  Of course it’s going to be Z for Z, he will always be Z and I’ll always love him for being Z. 

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Confiscating letters 

I worried when Z stopped playing with his numbers and letters, more for the fact of was it a regression. 

When he showed an interest in spelling words and trying really hard to say those words I encouraged him. I didn’t put them away as the first thing he would do is pull them back out. 

We’ve been struggling with bed for ages and even getting him up the stairs. The last few weeks he’s been taking his iPad and falling asleep. If this works he can take it. 

What we’ve found is he has to finish spelling a word before he’ll do anything else, that’s the first thing he’ll do in the morning to the point of not eating his breakfast and taking his smoothie with him. All because he needed to spell words. It was becoming a little obsessive.

This week we’ve had trouble every morning, I took the approach of let him finish what he’s spelling but he’ll quickly start another. G took the approach of grabbing him to dress him this made him kick and scream and everyone shouting at one another and all leaving the house stressed. 

After speaking to the class teacher she said he had been having a few problems in school and they’ve had to take letters off him as he’s refusing to do things, more to the point of not wanting to leave the letters. 

So yesterday all his numbers and letters were put away. He looked everywhere and I’m sure said number to me. This morning they were not there. He sat with his iPad and ate his toast and drank his smoothie, he got dressed fine and we all left the house not stressed. He’d even had a better day at school. He came home and for the first time in what feels like forever he played in his sensory room, he played the drums and with toys. 

I’ll speak to aba therapist tomorrow as she’s said not to take them all let him keep his favourites but he don’t have favourites! I’m sure the letters cut out from a newspaper would be fine. 

He can have them at nans tomorrow, and on Saturday they can come out for an hour or two, be put away and the same will be done Sunday. 

I’m not taking them off him completely but restricting the time like others do with computers! 

I feel really bad as he does love them. But as he is with his iPad if they are not there hes not too bothered. Hopefully he’ll remember he has other things to play with and he won’t be so obsessive with them.  

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My review on The little shop of horrors

Last night I went to see little shop of horrors at Redhouse Merthyr Tydfil.

 I thought that the organisation of the production was really good because all the cast knew they’re lines and projected their voices. The singing was well rehearsed and so was the dancing. The whole set really came to life because of the props and the costumes that were used. All the cast showed great enthusiasm and looked liked they were having loads of fun. There was enough room for loads of people on set and I think it looked amazing. I thought it was suitable for all ages so basically a family viewing and prices of the tickets was a good  at £12 per adult and £10 per child and it was worth it. I really enjoyed watching it because it made me laugh and it was nice to watch. I would love to see another play because I think they have worked super hard to put this one together.
* I was gifted my ticket and my review is my own.

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Little Shop Of Horrors 

I was very lucky* to go and see Redhouse Little Theatres first production at Redhouse Merthyr. **

The program says, ‘This is the very first show featuring participants from the local area”.

So as my readers know my first time at the theatre was a few weeks back when I went to see the wedding singer at Cardiff theatre, like that I had never seen the film Little shop of Horrors. Yes I know, I really am rubbish! 

If like me you’ve never seen the film either it’s a horror, comedy, rock musical. It’s about a young boy who’s been taken in by a florist. He raises a plant that he feeds his own flesh and blood! 

Again, never seeing the film I really don’t know what songs came out of the film. Each song was sang brilliantly, I think my favourite could well have been ‘suppertime’ by Audrey || . 

Back to the cast, in reality I didn’t know what to expect. 

I went along with my cousin A, who I think also enjoyed it, she’ll write up her own review. 

The stage was set, you could really see the time and effort that had gone into it. 

When the show started they looked quite young, when they started singing I was taken aback they really were very good.  

It was lovely to see local people do really well, Merthyr is always put down, always gets shown for its bad side, never the good. These guys were brilliant. You could see how hard they had worked.  

The main character Seymour played by Jac Ellis, reading the Redhouse Facebook page he has recently stared in Aladdin, and is now continuing on his AS examinations and staring in Carousel.  What a great actor he is. His voice was really good, sitting AS examinations shows me how young he is. Keep it up Jac next time I’m at Cardiff you maybe on that stage! Other than the plant, Seymours other love was Audrey, obvisouly as he named the plant after her! Again, played by Bethan Mair Williams, she looked young too, but what a voice, to be honest I thought she was as good as Cassie who played Julia in The wedding singer. From the Facebook page she has taken part in a few musicals before and is heading for a new role in sister act. Not sure if they had both stared in the same show before, they had they familiarity about them, they were clearly comfortable around one another and it made it all the more realistic that yes they were falling in love! Mr Mushnik, played by Thomas Price didn’t seem to have a big part like Seymour and Aubrey. Not sure how much he’s in the film but again reading the Facebook page it does say he has more of a role in the musical. 

 Each and everyone of those actors worked really hard, the dentist played by Ashley McGill knew how to get the audience laughing!  As for Aubrey || voiced by Nathan Roberts thats the best singing plant I’ve heard! 

Not my photo taken from the Redhouse Facebook page.

This is only on Saturday 25th March, 2pm and 7.30 you can book tickets here and check what else is on. 

I would highly recommend if you can get there tomorrow go! You really won’t be disappointed.  I think out of this and the wedding singer this was my favourite! 

* I was lucky enough to be gifted my tickets, this is my review and all content is my own, other than the photo stated. 

**Redhouse is in the old town hall in the centre of Merthyr Tydfil. Years ago it was the old town hall, it later went on to become a nightclub and know home to many things including a cafe. 

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There are good and bad people…. 


When you hear on the news people have been run over, police officers stabbed all a few hours away. 

It was shocking when it was Paris, Berlin, and everywhere else that bombs have gone off, but they were across the water a long way away! 

London there really isn’t any water in the way, people travel to London for work, for shows and even for days out. 

Of course now would be the best time to go, security will be much higher, armed police will be out in force, but will anyone feel safe? 

How do you explain it to children? The simple way there are nasty people about. 

Listen to the media and straight away the word Muslim is mentioned, it’s a sad society a sad fact of life.  If not seen any more, I’m not sure how many have sadly lost their lives earlier it was one. Is the attacked dead? 

I was brought up a catholic, in a catholic school the only religion we learnt was the catholic faith, when I was older I worked for a Muslim family, two families. There were quite a lot of similarities in the two faiths. I remember then the London bus bombings, the little girl, who was five said to me, there are good and bad people, some bad people are Muslim but not all Muslim people are bad, I’m not bad. This was a five year old. I was made to feel welcome in their home. They were my friends. 

I’ll be honest I’m not sure where this post is going, I’ve read some real nasty comments on news channels tonight, ‘send them all home’ being a firm favourite. Others including, if they are not white they shouldn’t be in this country.                           In an ideal world no one would emigrate, ( not one religion could be blamed!) there would be no wars, no internet ( so if there was a small fight no one else would know and get involved!) no planes to get anywhere quickly, no hatred. But we don’t live in an ideal world. 

So here’s a question for those people who are saying send them all home if they are not white. ( Even though most people have been born here and it is their home) 

How many of those emergency service people  are not white? How many of those doctors are Muslim? 

Without them people, there would be more fatalities today. Without that black first aider, or that Chinese nurse or that Muslim doctor, people would have died. 

Will you refuse treatment next time you are at the doctors if the doctor isn’t white? Will you say oh you don’t belong here I don’t want you to treat me and make me better, maybe even save my life? No didn’t think so. 

As a parent it’s my duty to bring up my child to accept everyone, just like I was brought up. Regardless of the persons colour or religion, my best friend could have been purple with orange spots and a Christian, but as a child all I would have seen is another child to play with. As an adult as long as that person is nice to me I don’t care what they look like or who they pray too they would be classed as my friend. If I’m in hospital or my son is in hospital I don’t care who treats us as long as they do! 

It’s not time to fight against each other it’s time to stand together and fight the terrorists together. 

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Chick chick chicken lay a little ……

Another hearing test today, after the one a few weeks back when he failed miserably by trying to fall asleep on the floor, and just cried. Ok, the night after he was in a&e and admitted with cellulitis it was possibly a good reason to not want to do anything! 

Whilst we were waiting to go in today, Z was ‘reading’ a bob the builder book! He was saying bob, and kitten, I asked where’s the cat, I don’t know the cats name,he looked at me in disgust as if to say you know nothing it’s a kitten! ( I’m still pretty certain it’s a cat!) so bobs cat was called a kitten. We had lots of words including door. I’m guessing he wanted it open. When we went in the Doctor couldn’t believe the change in him straight away. He went to get a toy I called him back and he looked at the doctor and said ‘get it’, she actually understood him. He took her by the hand and got the toy. Every time he handed her one he heard the sound go off, that was coincidence and he kept looking at the toy as if to say how do you get it to make a noise! He passed his hearing test and was discharged. 

Dropped him back off to school. When I collected him, Miss came out and said he had said ‘egg’, in my house he normally gets a kinder egg. In school he spelt it, and said it. So Miss said they had been singing chick chick chicken lay a little egg for me, everytime they stopped after little Z would say egg. We tried this on the bus and he done it. He won’t do it again tonight. 

But for the last hour he’s spelt bed, and tired. Looks at me and says tired, this last few nights he’s not been going till 9.30-10 as he’s screaming and expecting us all to go the same time. So we’ve played that one out, I’m happy going to bed at 9.30. Tonight he went up at 7.50, he’s still awake I can hear him but he didn’t go up kicking and screaming. 

It’s nice to see that it’s not only I or close family seeing progress in Z. He really is making lots of progress! 

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2017 progress so far 

I really should write more about Z’s progress. 

Last week I learnt he could read, yup, read words. His speech is there when reading. He will read most words, he will try his best to say them. He’s been spelling for so long I’ve always said he can read, but without him showing us it was hard to prove. His auntie bought him word flash cards for Christmas we’ve brought them out a few times and he’s made small sentences with them. This time I showed him the word ball and he said it. Next up was car, he went to get a car and said the word, same with door. I showed him loads of words, ‘all’, ‘into’, ‘you’, ‘box’, ‘school’, ‘daddy’, ‘mummy’ and ‘down’ were just a few, there really were lots more. I was amazed, he had a huge grin on his face as I he’s been waiting to show me what he can do. There’s only one problem he wouldn’t do it for anyone else!  So, again I didn’t think the school believed me. 

Until….. he done it in school! They’ve had a few words off him ‘pig’ and ‘box’ being the two main ones I can remember. Hopefully he is now on the way to speaking, I know the words are there. 

His numbers, well that he just keeps on impressing me! This week he’s been working on sums, so we had 99+1= then when he was looking for a one, that’s another word we can understand, we stopped what we were doing and watched him, he had the 1 and 0 in his hand ready to put down gave a huge smirk and messed them out, so I believe he can do adding too! 

Speeech: alongside the reading and numbers I’m starting to recognise certain words, ok most of them are numbers sixty eight, is a clear one! His numbers when counting 9/10 are now clear enough to me, so we’re at that stage of babble where only close family and friends can understand him I think. He even said hiya to my dad, which made his night! He didn’t hear him close the door saying goodbye though ! 

Knowledge and understanding of the world: I’m putting it under that is I think that’s where it goes! If I say to Z coat and car, he knows we’re going to the car. Still things like get shoes are lost on him it’s still 1-2 words for a command. Like coat car, or iPad bed. When we’re out he’s taking notice of more things, even the birds in the sky. He’s taking more notice of his surroundings maybe so he remembers where he’s been so he knows where he’s going next! 

He even sat on a ride that went up into the air, yup, sat the entire time taking notice of what was around him! 
These first few months of 2017 I’ve seen a lot of progress. Don’t get me wrong he’s still hard work, he still cant communicate his needs, still in his nappies and sees no danger but it’s all progress. 

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Sand dunes 

Cuddles the bear is back from school this weekend. 

Meaning we have to go off on some adventures!

On Friday he stayed home with me to watch the rugby while Z had a sleepover and nan and grampas! 

Saturday we visited the sand dunes in Merthyr Mawr with J and E, And what an adventure it was! We had attempted this place before and J nervously told me not to drive down the narrow road that actually leads to the car park. 

This weekend we got there.

Z’s face was brilliant he loved it, to see all that sand he was in sensory heaven and I think he could have happily stayed there all day. But we went off on search of the sea. We walked and walked and walked some more, but we made a rookie mistake and left the drinks and snacks in the car. We had walked to far to go back for them so continued on our walk! 

Yes, we walked to the end of this picture!

We got to the actual dunes and at this point Z refused to walk, I could not get him any further, he was happy to play in the sand. We could see Ogmore to our left, so we knew the sea couldn’t be much further. 

They were happy sitting here, they didn’t want to move. I kept getting ‘tired’ of Z, kept trying to climb on to my back and was sounding like ‘carry’. But they both walked back, Z saying ‘car’ so he knew that’s where we were off! 

I think Cuddles enjoyed his day at the sand dunes! Shame it was such a far walk to the sea, next time we’ll be much more prepared and we’ll get there! 

On the way home we stopped at Aberavon, this was mainly for a Burger King as we were starving by this point, and for Z to splash in the sea and E to play in a park. That’s what she asked for after telling us ‘ I never ever want to come back here again’! 

Luckily for me the tide was coming in so we really didn’t have far to walk! 

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How a smoothie package change effected Z. 

Innocent smoothies have been a huge part in Z’s life since well he turned one and autism played a part in his fussy eating. I tried him on these smoothies because they are made with fruit, at the time there were no veg ones! They’ve always been in his bag on day trips so the rubbish can be recycled and I don’t have to worry about loosing his beakers. Plus they are better for him than squash. 

Up until recently he would have two a day, breakfast and before bed. I go to three different supermarkets to get different flavours and when they are on offer we stock up! When his friend comes to play she’ll have a smoothie and when he goes there that’s what he’ll have to drink. 

Imagine my horror at finding out they had changed the packaging, and yup you guessed it Z wouldn’t drink any of them. I quickly stocked up on old packaging until I couldn’t get them any more. I emailed innocent smoothies and their response was amazing. They went out of their way to help. They sent some old packaged smoothies that made Z’s day as the last few days he was left with only one flavour! When we thought they had gotten lost the lady was sorry, but we found them! Phew, I was nearly crying when I thought they were lost. 

Now I don’t normally post a picture of Z, but this is just to prove they’ve been with us from the start, the pictures on my phone only go this far back, new phone this is march 2015 even came with us on our train ride, I’m guessing I have many more. 

After he would not drink from the new package one I had to pour it into his beaker, and he’d eventually drink it. 

Today innocent sent Z a book. 

We read through it, we got an old drink and a new one, we learnt that they had changed their clothes, and the old one went away. The new one sat there for around four hours, he kept going back to the book and turning the circle. Now I’m not going to lie I didn’t think this would work, I didn’t think Z would  understand this concept. 


Now I’ll work on each different flavour like this one, I hope once he realises they are in fact all the same he will drink out of them no problem. He’s carried the book around with him all day and smiles when he sees they are now coloured. 

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at innocent for everything they have done these last few weeks, the customer support has been amazing, if every company was as good as you guys. 

Ps I’m sure if you have any new flavours once Z has taken to drinking out of all the coloured packets he’d be happy to taste them for you! 

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Half term and St Davids Day 

This week’s blog is full because I have been doing loads over two weeks such as St. David’s Day, experiments, cooking and more. 

During the half term, I have been busy with my nephew and I will tell you what things we have been up to. First, we used some experiments from different science kits by testing some of them out. We made a volcano and we watched it explode which was the messy bit! We also made green slime which looked like boogers eww! 


Then we made some whoopie pies with a yummy mint filling and I have taken a picture for you to see. It was loads of fun to make and it was tasty to eat. Everyone loved the whoopie pies and we loved baking them.


St. Fagans

On Monday (a week ago) Me, my nephew, sister and her boyfriend went to St. Fagans for a nice day out. We left at lunch time and in the car, we stuffed our faces with loads of sweets. When we got there, we bought a map and walked right the way around. There were loads of old buildings so we took loads of pretty photos. We ate lunch down there and we won a cuddly lion and a ghostbusters toy. That day was fun and we even had McDonalds when we got home.


Pookie my cuddly build a bear

As part of my Home Ed. I was set a few projects – mainly hosting a St. David’s Day Celebration. I have been busy making a welsh lady costume for Pookie with my mam, nan and dad’s help – this was to demonstrate my sewing. My nan helped me make a skirt from a tea towel and an apron from some old white material. My nan also helped me make the shawl from red material. My mam helped me make the hat using a pen, glue, polystyrene cup, lace and ribbon. My dad helped me super glue the hat together.

St. David’s Day

I have made loads of decorations such as paper chains which are green, red and white. A big table cloth which I worked hard on (my biggest project) which shows a map of Wales with the words to our National Anthem; Cardiff Castle; a welsh man and woman; a love spoon, a welsh harp; a stained glass window of St David along with an acrostic poem and a short story about him. The borders of the table cloth had daffodils along the 2 short sides and the words to Bread of Heaven along the 2 longer sides. This was all done with permanent marker pens. I had help from both my sisters on how to draw the castle. This showed my art, English, and geography.

I also name places for the table which were cute little dragons. I made bunting, mini people, flags and posters.  

My family and friends (who are also my teachers) came over and I had made welsh cakes, bara brith, cawl with beef or lamb (my mam and dad helped with the cawl though as there was so much to do). I also made vegan welsh cakes and vegan leek soup for auntie G – which showed off my cooking skills – and using everyone as guinea pigs for my food was part of my ‘science project’!!!! I even did a special PowerPoint presentation with music on – which shows my IT.  

There should have been 14 of us in total but my uncle S couldn’t make it as he was ill. We were all gutted about that and so was he. But he is on the mend now.