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Bank Holiday.

With another bank holiday coming up everybody is already asking what the plans are. Well, we have been asked to work with Provident on their ‘don’t break the bank holiday’ campaign to advise families across the UK on what do but on a budget. 

Bank Holiday weekends can cost a lot when it comes to finding things to do for the whole family therefore here’s my tip on what to do without spending lots of money, you can find more tips here

As Z is off on the Friday and the following week for Whistsun, our plans for the bank holiday . This bank holiday tends to be when we sort the garden out. Tidy away all the rubbish that’s blown around during the winter. 

 Sometimes we have a BBQ, sometimes we invite mates around others we just don’t do anything! 

If it’s nice Z will play in his pool, we may get the paint out and let him paint the wall, it washes away with the rain! 

Bank holiday places are always busy, far to busy for Z, so it’s not worth trying to go anywhere and they seem to up the prices on things when you get to a park. It’s much easier and cheaper to stay at home. Maybe take the pooch for a little walk. 

But I do know that this Bank holiday there’ll be lots of bouncing.


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