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June already, wow when did that sneak up on us? 

Next month is last month in school, then it’ll be Christmas already. Then I’ll have a five year old, I’m so not ready! I would say can we pause time in the six weeks holdiay, but then again I don’t know how well that will go! 

This week we’re on school holidays, Monday wasn’t too bad, as it’s bank holiday we didn’t actually take Z anywhere, they are always too busy, plus the weather was a little crappy. He fell asleep at 7pm Monday night, yup, we were up at 2am Tuesday was a long day. 

Wednesday mid week, and we headed to Barry, was nice to get out and get some fresh air, even better that the sun came out. We went for a walk, worked on our hand to eye co-ordination in the amusements, went to the fair, we ate ice cream and stopped at the park for a quick run about. 

It’s always nice to join B & B being in the same situation it’s nice that Z isn’t the only one in a buggy, feeling like we can’t join in with some things as it’s too difficult. Like yesterday we didn’t attempt the beach with the buggies, Aberavon is where we go to play in the sea, it’s closer the car! 

So June, wonder what you have in store for us? May had lots of new words, cheeky grins and a few adventures! 


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