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Holiday in Cornwall

On the 13th May I went to Cornwall with my mam, dad and nan for a week’s holiday. I didn’t really enjoy the journey over because we had lots of bags and it took 4 hours. When we got there we had a look at the house and chose bedrooms, then we went to the clubhouse and had a warm drink. I decided to sleep in a twin room upstairs and sort out my things. On the Sunday we played crazy golf which was really fun because we couldn’t even get the golf ball in a hole. After crazy golf I bought some presents from the shop and then got ready to go to dinner. I really enjoyed dinner and after that we went shopping in Asda. On the Monday we just drove around because it was raining really bad and the same with Tuesday. On the Wednesday we went to Lands End and had fun taking photos and looking in the gift shop. In Lands End there was a 4D dinosaur experience and a King Arthur experience which was full of different pictures and mini quests to escape. My favourite bit of Lands End was The Shaun the sheep experience which showed you how to draw the characters and how they are made for each episode and movie. Then we took a picture with shaun the sheep and nan got me a cuddly toy. Then we went back home and had yummy chips which I loved and I finished sorting out my presents. On the Thursday we went to Flambards and took some photos of statues and of course trees for me to draw. I learnt a bit more at Flambards and enjoyed looking at all the models and gardens. I was lucky enough to go to the gift shop and pick up 3 small unicorns and some more gifts for family. When we got back at the house we played a bit of crazy golf and some card games. Come Friday it was a super nice day but I didn’t want to go anywhere so we played cards and golf then packed our bags to go home. On Saturday we left the holiday site and went back home which was great for me!



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One thought on “Holiday in Cornwall

  1. I love Cornwall, one of my favourite destinations. Lands End is fab. However, like you, every time we head there, we always have a few days of rain! And as much as I love holidays, I hate the unpacking and washing at the other end!

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