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Hot tub party!

When you hear of autistic children not being invited to parties it’s heart breaking, when it’s you’re own it’s a horrible feeling.

I’ve been lucky with Z there’s only once or twice he’s not been invited, we’ve made 90% of those parties and if he hasn’t coped we’ve left.

Queue hot tub party!

How could Z not like this one?

I was worried about either chasing him around a garden in the cold wet weather or being freezing standing outside waiting for him.

The hot tub was in a gazebo, meaning it held the heat in so I wasn’t cold waiting on him to jump out. Of course he didn’t try and even attempt to jump out!

He loved it. The lights in the actual hot tub, the lights above and of course a bubble machine! This was sensory heaven for him.

After around an hour with Z bouncing about I was soaked! That’s when I started to get cold!! Well it is November and around 7 degrees. Of course Z wasn’t cold he was in nice warm water and those lights kept his attention!

Three hours later I was dragging him out. A drink and some crisps and he wanted to go back in.

If I had gone to a hot tub party before Z’s birthday I’m sure I would have gotten him one, maybe for my birthday end of November?!

So thank you K for inviting Z to your party, he had loads of fun. Thank you R &D for getting in with him and entertaining him!

Please Santa can Z get a hot tub for Christmas?!


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