Wow, you sure went fast.

We had laughs, we had tears most importantly we made memories good and bad.

We we fortunate to not loose anybody, other that our two little embryos, we made it through the year with all our family.

I learnt a lot about myself, I learnt a lot about Z. I think we’ve learnt a lot as a family in 2018.

I reduced my plastic a lot, I’ve learned to make lots of my own things including soap and we seem much healthier for it.


We started the new year with a walk, with J and E and B and B, it was freezing but we had fun, we fought at the cinema, because that’s what the big open part of for right? We continued skiing.


We continued our ski lessons, attempted ice skating, saw the Lego sculptures at Cardiff, watched what the lady bird heard live in New theatre with J and E, went to Drayton Manor and the sea life centre with M and K, had a parents hour at school but I think the most fun part was playing in all the snow!


We played in the snow with B and B and I think it was the start of Z and the pooches friendship over a boiled egg. We had another parents afternoon at school for Easter crafts, there was a world book day dress up but here is when the sun came back out to play for the summer and the love of the water came back back at our favourite place!


We all worked hard on becoming toilet trained!! We celebrated Easter, went to the cinema,went to Cardiff bay and stopped at Castel Coach. Of course another month of playing in the sea! A small hot tub party, mostly spent with B and B!


Where Z was a big brother for three short weeks, where we were a family of five. May, when we quit skiing, drums and inclusive play because I blamed my hormones! But where we got the pool out and of course visited the beach and park with family and friends. A trip to the park with H and P, a play date at C, with G and E, and a trip to the beach with nanny J and A.


Another month and yet more water play! Between the beach where we washed away our tears. sports day at school and a family day at the park where my sister her partner and niece came down for the weekend.


More beach days! We seem to have spent lots of time at the beach in 2018, and if not at the beach in the pool or the river. Z learnt the days of the week and months of the year, he went to a new soft play with his friend R from school, we had tea In the garden and took the pooch for a walk riding the bike. we played on the beach with J and E. We also broke up from school and finished reception saying goodbye to our teacher and nervously waiting our new one!


Lots happened in August, plenty of firsts, we watched our first open air theatre performance with J and W alongside another show at new theatre, we watched the fire works at the beach again with J and as eating chips on the rocks! We went to Folly park with lots of friends and stopped at the beach at Tenby for the first time. Visited my sister and niece in Newcastle and went on a boat for the first time. on our way back we stopped at soft play and met up with an online friend! Then visited my parents and went on another boat in Newquay. Had a family day out at West-midlands safari and spent time in the hot tub!


Another month of the beach! Even us adults went in this time, I know in September! First day back at school for year one. We celebrated E’s birthday where Z requested cake. Another month spent at the park with B and B. We finished September with an a&e trip for a coffee burn.


Z turned 6! More water play with the river where I though poor L was going to have a heart attack! Even hit the beach in October. We went on our first caravan holiday, and his arm cleared up lovely! We also enjoyed a Halloween party at soft play and spent more time in the hot tub.


Our first Family holiday and of course we played in the sea, we watched the fireworks from the beach and held a sparkler for the first time. We read new posters on the bedroom wall. We visited winter wonderland in Cardiff and went ice skating. Z learnt to ride a push along toy. Our Christmas tree went up and we celebrated my birthday with a cake from my mam. We also came out off nappies completely at night time too!


December, the end of 2018.

We met Santa, we had a photo shoot with E. We watched the school Christmas concert which for the first time Z tried to participate. We had a lovely Christmas, spent time in the hot tub. Another trip to a&e as Z was in a car accident thankfully he’s all ok.

To finish of the year we went to the beach with friends, we laughed, we took lots of photos and we ran across the beach.

We finished the day with stopping by to see the Banksy art work.

2018, you’ve been pretty fun, here’s to 2019 and hopefully lots more laughter!

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