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Loosing teeth.

Z had lots of teeth removed so always been a little gummy! He had five removed first from a knock when he was one, then two more removed due to trauma.

A few weeks ago he lost his first tooth, yup lost I have no idea where it is, did he eat it, spit it out or just swallow with food! And of course he can’t tell me! That time I laughed there’ll be a few more.

Last week was another wobbly tooth, this said tooth I’ve been keeping an eye on, wobbling like a small excited child, today he came home from school minus his wobbly tooth 😔. Now the laughing has gone, will there actually be any?

Yup for some reason this kinda made me sad. Maybe it’s the realisation that we’ll never have the excitement of the tooth fairy, I’ll never have a few teeth that I’ve collected that should go in those little trinket boxes with first tooth and first curl.

When you’re going good there’s always that one part that’ll knock you down, that’ll make you remember there’s so much that you’re missing out on that other parents take for granted. The things Z can’t do, even though he’s growing, his body tells me he’s getting older he’s getting taller he’s loosing teeth, but he’s still my baby.

Of course you look at the progress he’s making, and he’s making tremendous progress with his speech. It still doesn’t help that these things like so others I’ll never get a chance to share with Z, not written letters off the tooth fairy for a lost tooth at school, no hunting around for £1 no excited child wanting to spend his tooth fairy money just Z who either doesn’t know he’s even lost a tooth or who doesn’t care.

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A Sunday morning two mile trek!

When you say to your mates fancy getting out for an hour and we head to Garwnant park. The kids run around or get pushed on the swings, but in reality us adults are freezing. It was like two degrees! We love Garwnant, other than the space to run they even have a changing places toilet which is just fab!

So we grab the gloves and a drink from the car and start walking. What started as a little let’s have a look ended up on a two mile walk.

In all fairness we done it. How I’m still wondering that!

It’s hard enough with a four five and six year old without any challenges add to the mix of that two children with autism and one with a fear of dogs! Oh and we seen some dogs.

We went through mud and streams and we laughed.

It was quiet, I think that helped it wasn’t hot so we weren’t over heated and we made it. Not saying we’d ever achieve that again so we’ll accept today as a winner.

It was lovely to see three children run and enjoy the outdoors and three adults laugh and enjoy the fresh air something that we’ve not done in what seems like forever, meaning it’s been too long. Hopefully this is the start back of our Sunday adventures!

My waiting coffee was well deserved when I got back to the car!

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Blogging numbers and why I don’t really care!

Stats, numbers, DA, social media and tots 100 are just a few words that go around in the blogging world.

Yes of course I have a look at them all, do I care? Honestly no!

Ok it gets a little disheartening when my numbers drop but I don’t put half as much time and effort into the blog as I should, I don’t take it as serious as I should. Maybe just maybe I could do so much more. But it’s time! Not going to lie a few of my posts have been written at 3am, my blog was set up as more as an online diary, it’s when I write, I ramble and I moan.

I’m happy with my followers I know that when they read what I write they’ve been brought in I’m guessing by autism, that big scary word! My aim was if I can help one person I’d be happy. I think I’ve achieved that. I love my followers who engage, like everyone I’d love more but is more really fun? Do you get the engagement, get to know your followers, kinda like the class sizes when your teacher has to teach thirty plus can she really get to know that individual child like the teacher in Sen school who has nine children?

Where am I going with this post?!

To be honest I’m unsure! I’m just having a bit of a ramble I suppose.

With January being half way through I need to write more, I enjoy writing. So my aim this year is share more blogs with my followers, maybe a few a month! Wish me luck!

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A climbing frame to save our house!

Since before Z has been walking he’s been climbing, climbing everything from the settee to lately wardrobes. When he was little we had a slide/climbing frame in the living room, it did go into the sensory room for a bit then went into the garden, last year we got rid of it for his new climbing frame.

When last year he learnt he could climb the wardrobe and jump, or jump off the windowsill over and over again he cracked the ceiling in the living room, with the old lath and plaster it cracked and fell down.

I understand the climbing and jumping is all sensory, he needs to jump he needs the climb, the same way he has to run about.

We have the climbing frame, swing , slide set in the garden along with a trampoline, but he can’t play in the garden in the dark and rain at 8pm in the winter like he can in the summer months.

I needed to find something that he could climb, jump off if needed too, but was safe. I searched and searched the internet. I asked in groups and each time I was taken to sites that really wasn’t what I was looking for, until I came across sport kid.

Online help was great and I was talked through what I would need and how it would hold to the wall. No drilling!

Z’s mini gym / climbing frame was a go.

Ok, putting it together was a little harder but that may have been the instructions and me not making much sense of them, but once I started it was all up in the same day. Before we even got the net up Z was already chuffed with it and couldn’t wait to climb it.

We were going a little too slow for him so he had to try and help!

He’s played on it every day, he’s climbs, he’s swang, he’s ran, he’s climbed some more. He loves it.

Now I can’t wait to finish decorating his sensory room, mirrors will be next!

Being able to climb safely has helped Z’s mood, he’s been a calmer person, I’m not constantly following him around shouting ‘get down’, meaning he’s allowed upstairs on his own, as he’s not attempted to climb on the wardrobe since. He’s not trashing every room every two minutes, ok his room is still a mess but that’s his numbers and letters everywhere, that I can live with!

I’m thinking that this climbing frame really has helped Z with his sensory needs, my sanity as I can finally tidy the house!

I did receive a small discount for this climbing frame all opinions are my own.

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Week one of less plastic

Part of my New Years resolution was to produce less plastic waste.

Maybe last year I was a little conscious of this as I bought a stainless steel reusable bottle for myself, I very rarely bought a bag and would just put the shopping in the boot of my car, family and friends said it was laziness, now I know it was my conscious! I also changed to re usable sanitary products after suffering another reaction to a brand I thought I was fine using. I started swimming and for more room I bought a shampoo bar, I’ve not bought a bottle of shampoo since September. I also got Z on bath bombs instead of bubble bath. If I have been out for a drink I have refused a straw. I have been using a cloth wipe for Z’s nose and he constantly has a runny nose! So for a few months I’ve been using less plastic than I was.

This year I’ve upped my less plastic mission.

So the first week of January I’m quite pleased with smaller choices I’ve made. I bought some reusable kitchen roll, alongside some sponges for cleaning. Shopping I’ve bought my sauces in glass bottles instead of the plastic ones, when I finish the ketchup that will be in glass too. I bought glass bottles of lemonade and got Z a new stainless steel bottle, now to get him to drink from it! I’ve also ordered him a tin lunch box so when his plastic one breaks I won’t buy another. ( they are all cheaper this time of year as it’s not something people need in January!) I’m trying dry deodorant and miswak for my teeth. When I went and got my fruit I choose some that wasn’t in plastic and didn’t put it in a plastic bag either, 10 mushrooms later! I’ve bought a bar of soap, and must remember to take my cup with me, along with my bags.

I’ve also attempted to cut down on my meat so have tried to substitute things for vegetarian meals instead. So far I’m doing ok! I can’t give up my fish and eggs yet so won’t be vegan! I have changed my cheese and milk for vegan and soya but that was due to allergies, but now I can’t go back!

Yes, I have a long way to go, but one step and one month at a time right?

I love the fact that chatting away to my mates some think I’m crazy but one actually bought me some paper straws to go out with! How cool is that!

Can’t wait to come back in a few weeks and show you how much plastic I’m not using any more!