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Home made Lip balm.

Going well on my less plastic Zero waste journey.

After making toilet bombs I’ve also made bath bombs , melts and next up lip balm.

I don’t use a lot of lip balm but I do like my eos and of course less plastic means I need to find an alternative!

After searching google I found my main ingredients, bees wax, Shea butter, coconut oil and some essential oils.

I melted the shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax together, I’d read about double boiling so I say my bowl on top of a sieve of boiling water, it took a while but constant stirring and it was ok. Just before I was ready to transfer into my tins I added some banana scent essential oil.

I was a little nervous in case it didn’t set or didn’t work.

It set lovely! It’s not too hard, and it makes my lips lovely and soft!

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Home made beeswax melts

I love my candles, I quickly learnt that wax melts are stronger and not as expensive!

But they all come in plastic of some sort.

So operation make my own! Just like my bath bombs and toilet bombs .

I got my beeswax from amazon, but am looking to source more local beeswax when I’m out!

I melted my wax and down and added in some coconut oil in a dish over a sieve of boiling water, and added some essential oil just before pouring, yup it really was that simple.

Pour into my moulds, when still hot and runny as it does dry quick.

I never measure out, maybe I should!

I’ve burnt mine up to four times and they still smelt as strong as the first time. I’m not really sure how many times you can burn each one I’m going to until the stop smelling!

Next time I’m going to add a drop of food colouring to maybe change the colour I’ll let you know how I get on!

Next up my home made lip balm!

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Home made bath bombs.

After the success of my home made toilet bombs I attempted home made bath bombs. I’ve not bought bleach for three months I’m hoping to save money on bath bombs! The citric acid and bicarbonate of soda I think cost 99p from Wilkos, as for the salt b&ms for £3. There was cheaper but I didn’t want the plastic and will reuse the glass jar! So other than my zero waste and less plastic I’m actually saving money.

Now Z loves the lush ones, he loves watching them fizz until they’ve disappeared.

I knew I had the main ingredients from the toilet bombs, the only thing I would need would be Epsom salts and some food colouring to make them pretty!

Lavender bath bombs are a go!

I mixed the citric acid and bicarbonate of soda together, added in the Epsom salt and a few drops of lavender essential oil and a few drops of red food colouring, mixed it well, just needed a few squirts of water as I had the oil and food colouring holding it quite well.

After the few sprays it needed to be put into moulds quickly.

Scooped it in and patted it down with my finger. It all felt quite sturdy.

The next test was Z, of course I choose lavender in the hope that it would make him sleep! It passed the fizz test, and Z was happy he wanted another.

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Snow days

When the snow was forecast and the school was closed there was no snow just howling wind.

Fast forward a few hours and some places were white others patchy. The front garden was over Z’s head in some places, yet the back parts were clear.

I wasn’t sure on what he would think of the deep snow, we had some a few weeks back that he loved but nowhere near as deep as this time.

He loved it!

He didn’t want to come in and we were out there before 8!

where ever he went the pooch went too!

We went for a walk and he was sliding, crawling and jumping the entire time laughing. He was looking down the holes, he was digging away at snow he was interested , curious and happy that’s progress right there!

We went to the park with B and B where lots of it was clear but had to get to it first! He learnt early on that if he crawled across it he wouldn’t get stuck!

Tomorrow is back to normal, schools are back, and the snow is slowly melting away. Z will be gutted.

We may not have had the same snow days as most when they head out sledging, home to a film and hit chocolate but we had fun in the only way Z knows how to. I’m impressed not only did he keep his gloves on he also kept a hat and scarf too. This is progress!

Everyone will be wishing it all away, praying for summer, us here if we can have more snow and extend the winter I’ll take it! We’ve had a blast!