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Son of a Preacher Man

Last night I went to see * Son of a Preacher Man at New Theatre Cardiff.

As with all my theatre visits with the exception of one of two I go in not knowing. I’m sure this adds to the fun as well as the no expectations and I must admit I’ve enjoyed everyone I’ve seen. Last night was the first time I came out not knowing what I thought! Whilst sitting waiting for the show to start I was quite excited as I knew the songs that were playing in the background.

Son of a preacher man was about three people Alison ( Michelle Gayle) Kat ( Alice Barlow) and Paul ( Michael Howe) needing guidance in the next chapter of their life, I was a little confused as to how these three people from three generations actually met and decided to visit the shop that was the preacher mans back in the 60’s.

Of course the preacher man was no longer there so these three random strangers turned to the preacher mans son Simon ( Nigel Richards) to help them out. Simon owns a coffee shop and this is where most of the story takes place, the cappuccino girls were bright and bubbly!

With some of the cast playing musical instruments including the trumpet and trombone I found sometimes this was a little to loud and had trouble catching the singers on stage, maybe if I knew the songs then that wouldn’t have been a problem?!

I don’t think it was what other people were expecting as a few sitting by me did actually leave Just after the second half, I wouldn’t have left it was still entertaining, with the odd few lines that made the Audience laugh. I thought Kat played a grumpy teenager well! Jess barker really stood out for me, she had a very strong voice and I think could have maybe been one of the main characters instead of one of the backing ones!

Of course like any love story everything works out in the end the son of a preacher man helped them all!

I think I was expecting the story of Dusty Springfield not a musical story with her music if that makes sense!

If you like Dusty Springfield’s music my mate enjoyed it and sang along throughout knowing the song lyrics, not even knowing all the songs I enjoyed it, it was bright and upbeat with a few laughs thrown in then you may as well go for an enjoyable evening out!

Son of a preacher man is at New Theatre Cardiff until Saturday 19th May and you can get your tickets here prices start from just £12.50.

* I was gifted my tickets for a review, opinions are my own.

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Jason the tortoise

We have a new addition to the family a Hermann tortoise!

As soon as I showed Z he said ‘tortoise ‘ so clear and wanted to touch him!

I let him touch him gently didn’t want him to hurt him as not sure how robust tortoises are.

So we sat and watched him explored the garden, eaten dandelion leaves and strolling along!

Here’s to many years of happiness with a small boy and a tortoise!

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Making memories!

On Wednesday we went to Barry, after all the sunny days it was the one day that was a little overcast!

We went with Z’s adoptive nan our school bus escort and my nan.

Z got out of the car in the buggy and headed to the toilet, where the hand dryers went off so this sent Z into meltdown mode quickly. He was throwing himself, running and just pushing the buggy over, so I let him lead me of course to the fair. I’m sure they thought I was trying to kidnap him the way he was screaming and I was dragging him!

But we calmed down enough to post 2ps in the machine. When nan tried joining in he was taking the 2ps and turning his back! Operation sharing commences!! The staff there were fab, when the machine didn’t give us or 2ps he refunded us then gave Z the 2ps that had been jammed in the first place. So Z had lots more 2ps to post.

We swapped our tickets for a lolly, yea that’s all Z really wants is a lolly!

He had a little go on a few of the 50p rides and this helped him to calm down. Some we didn’t even need to put money in!

Of course going to Barry and being that close to Ikea we could not not go for food! So we ended up at Ikea eating meatballs and chips and Z being happy!

Was a lovely evening just being out going for a little walk on the seafront and eating chips!

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A sunny bank holiday!

It’s not often we get the sun on a bank holiday never mind a mini heatwave! It’s been quite warm the last few days.

Yesterday we headed to visit my parent down West Wales in the caravan, it was lovely on site but the beach kept the mist all day. We did plan to stop by aberavon on the way home but Z being Z knew we weren’t heading to the beach so an emergency phone call for dad to give me instructions and we ended up at the misty beach!

When we parked it wasn’t the beach Z had been to before here and he did sort of go into meltdown mode with both me and his father kinda holding him up and dragging him saying the beach is here! When he saw the beach that was ok, he got changed and ran straight in, and it was freezing!

He was happy to leave after having his splash about!

Today, he woke us at 3.44, yup stupid early.

So by 10.30 we were heading to the park where he tried to go to sleep. Haha unlucky buddy, wakes him up and drags him kicking and screaming into the park. He had fun running around. A quick stop by for a happy meal before heading to C’s also known as autism towers for the afternoon.

Getting him into C’s was a nightmare in itself as he wanted to take all his toys from the car. So he went in like a tornado. He did come around after her husband stayed with him! I should have taken that moment and left 😉

When he did come around he enjoyed him self, he bounced about, climbed played in the water and sat down to do a jigsaw!

Thank you C and R for having us!

We then came home and played in the garden where I’ve started to finally paint his climbing frame! Will finish that tomorrow when he’s at school!

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Wow when did we get into the fifth month of 2018?

Anyone else think this year has flown ?

Looking at two Monday’s in school then a week off and what then seven weeks in school until the end of term.

I’m not too worried about what class Z is in next year maybe it’s not close enough to worry yet I’m sure I was last year though, maybe the older he’s getting the less I’ll care! No only messing of course I’ll care!

So far this year we haven’t really achieved much. I suppose the weather being cold and snowy for March stopped a few spring days out, then toilet training over Easter stopped the rest. But we must try and get out on a few adventures soon as I think we’re long over due.

Hopefully we can get up to something over the bank holiday with the weather supposed to be nice.

Heres to a few adventures starting, with Z starting to use the toilet a little more hopefully we can venture to different places.

This year I’d love a holiday ! Maybe just maybe we’ll get up to Newcastle to see my sister and my niece as that trip will be so long overdue!