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Wow when did we get into the fifth month of 2018?

Anyone else think this year has flown ?

Looking at two Monday’s in school then a week off and what then seven weeks in school until the end of term.

I’m not too worried about what class Z is in next year maybe it’s not close enough to worry yet I’m sure I was last year though, maybe the older he’s getting the less I’ll care! No only messing of course I’ll care!

So far this year we haven’t really achieved much. I suppose the weather being cold and snowy for March stopped a few spring days out, then toilet training over Easter stopped the rest. But we must try and get out on a few adventures soon as I think we’re long over due.

Hopefully we can get up to something over the bank holiday with the weather supposed to be nice.

Heres to a few adventures starting, with Z starting to use the toilet a little more hopefully we can venture to different places.

This year I’d love a holiday ! Maybe just maybe we’ll get up to Newcastle to see my sister and my niece as that trip will be so long overdue!


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