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Mischief Movie Night.

I had no idea what this was about. Not even the * press release email gave me much idea. But with Z having respite the husband working it was an end of term night with my mate.

It started and I was like ok……

The director asked the audience a few questions where everyone was just laughing from the beginning.

So the audience got to choose what genre movie, where it was based and what kinda things they’d like to see. As you can imagine there were some random answers, porn being one, along side a juggling machete man.

We ended up with a Disney themed film based in pontypandy, yup the set of fireman Sam.

I laughed from start to go finish. The actors didn’t really have props, the odd hat, fan, blankets and boxes. That seemed to be it.

When the audience were actually shouting stuff out you could just see the actors faces just thinking oh no!

It ended up being a ‘love’ story, where Gethin / Gevin came back to pontypandy after working in London to stay with his uncle because his parents had died in a house fire and was continually told never to go above his station. His best friend was a talking lasagna meaning a red towel was a puppet on his shoulder. Yup sound so random right!

t was one of those moments where you sit and think am I really watching a talking flannel and laughing.

We met the princess Marguerite who lived in the tower with her three friends, the flannel, the fan and a koala. Again so random!

What I thought was good was how one actor just thought of something and the other automatically joined in even singing. Never mind remembering who exactly was who or what.

At one point princess Marguerite said something like no I was just talking to my fanny, everyone laughed and it was as if the realisation of what she said sunk in, but they just went with it.

I think every person sitting there was laughing. The laughter would die down and someone else would chuckle.

The story was princess Marguerite came down from her tower saved Gethin / Gevin from the police and fell in love after going on a magic flannel ride. Gethin / Gevins uncle wasn’t happy and neither was her dad. He was told not to leave his room and she was locked up after having her panda killed her fan consumed and her flannel sucked up her dads bum. Yup random right, but it was hilarious.

Gethin / Gevin actually disobeys his uncle and goes to rescue the princess, he takes on her dad after learning he started the fire and killed his mother father and his wife. The uncle turns up and gets consumed by the princess father too, until he’s killed and everything comes back to life!

Writing this down seems unreal. Like who on Earth is going to say wow that sounds like a fun play. But it was so funny, when they made a mistake or said something funny, the director would pause and we’d see an uncut section to the finished play.

How they kept they’re cool and managed to remember everything I don’t know. You could see they all trusted one another and looked to be all quite close as a group. I’d imagine a night out with them to be quite crazy.

So if you are thinking of heading to the theatre this really is a must see, ok you’re not going to get a Disney themed film with a talking flannel and a talking lasagna but you’ll still laugh from the beginning to the end.

You can get your tickets here it’s showing from 18th July 2018 to 22 July 2018 prices start from £19.

* I was gifted my tickets in exchange for a review.

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Soft play with a school friend!

I love trying to find out new places that Z likes. Sometimes we go places and never go back. Sometimes we go places and have to leave, which is annoying.

Today we were invited to Dizzy Kidz play centre in Tredegar. We’re lucky it’s less than 10 minutes away so really easy to pop by after school. Our local one is closed so we’ve not been to soft play for a while.

We parked and Z couldn’t wait to get in.

Shoes off and away he ran, him and his little buddy R.

Sitting down what I noticed first other than fire exits as a parent of a child with autism these are always top of lists, was how clean it was, everything looked clean. Best part was I even had white socks on new white ones as i couldn’t find any so put on a pair of Z’s! Anyways they were still white coming out! How impressive is that for a soft play place with lots of grubby kids about!

It’s not a huge play centre but there’s enough to keep children occupied, from your wavy slide that you can race your friends down, to the trampoline, ball pit, bridge and plastic tube that you can see all the parents sitting down.

Z and R seemed to really enjoy it in the tube, there were a few balls in there and watching them from the bottom throwing the balls about was like the end part of the crystal maze!

Z and R ran about, they bounced, they jumped and both seemed to be having a fab time.

Z did open the fire door after using the toilet, but it was alarmed which again from a autism safety point this was great, even though I was with him. Just the added extra security that if he did happen to open without me seeing the alarm would sound and straight away I’d know it was Z!

Like all soft plays there’s a toddler section, does say under 3’s but the boys had a little go in there it was quiet enough and had a little roundabout type thing in there that they both loved well come on its spins! They also loved the rainmaker and the xylophone .

In think Z favourite part was the ball on the rope, and of course with his best friend to push him along even better!

Thank you Dizzy kids for having us, we’ll definitely be back over the holidays!

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Parents evening and friendships

Tonight was parents evening, to have a look through Z’s books at his drawing, his mark making, following letters, painting, matching and ordering is amazing. To see what he can achieve or does achieve on a daily bases is great.

To see the work the staff has put in this year just adds to the whole I know I made the correct choice of school.

Three books of work, three books of photos to back up his targets achieved status along with videos.

To see videos of Z ordering numbers, colour matching or doing jigsaws is yea ok he does that at home it’s nothing really new. To read he can read certain words again nothing new. Annoyingly there’s thing I know he can do that they can’t cross off as he refuses to do it whilst being filmed. Meaning there’s no proof that he can do it, means it can’t be crossed off.

What made me smile was a video of Z sitting on the floor doing a jigsaw, along side Z was a little boy. Now another kid in his space and Z not kicking off was a wow moment! Look how close that kid is and letting that him touch the jigsaw he’s doing. More so was when the teacher said that’s his friend, he allows this kid to share his ‘toys’, to run around with him and sit next to him in circle time, they hug one another when they see each other and hold hands. They play with one another.

Z has a friend. One thing I was worried about was Z having a friend, would he ever have friends, would he have the ability to form a friendship? Apparently so. I always said if he just made one friend in school I’d be happy. They could have told me so much in parents evening tonight and the thing I took away was Z has a friend, and that friend is moving up with Z. He’ll move to a new class with his friend.

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Eleven months

Eleven months you’ve watched me for.

Thirty eight weeks.

One thousand one hundred and forty hours you’ve watched me.

Ok maybe some of those facts are wrong, mams writing this and not me and of course I didn’t let her get much sleep last night, my main mission in life is to see how many mistakes she makes when she doesn’t get enough sleep! If I were to do it all it would be exact and correct, plus for one of you you have to times that by three for three years, some by two.

Yes, mams writing this.

I want to say thank you, I’m sure if Z could he would thank you himself.

This year I have watched my ‘toddler’ change into a child. When I first sent him to school he was my baby, he was shown how to be a toddler in his first full year in full time school, now we’re on the child stage. Of course you guys know that the children you teach are different, they all learn at their own time, in their own way, and every time that child achieves something however small or ‘stupid’ it is to the outside world to us as parents it’s huge. I’m talking something simple as putting on a sock, to compare to your ‘normal’ child that’s like them being picked to represent the school at 5 for something brilliant! To have a class all on different learning abilities and to still achieve so much in a year is well I don’t know ‘coz I couldn’t do it! Without you helping him each step of the way we couldn’t have achieved it alone at home.

I have watched my child grow, from simple things as getting his shoes when I ask where are your shoes ? To passing me a something when I’ve asked to pass me a what ever I’ve asked for. He’s learnt that to go out he needs a coat on and shoes, he’s learnt to sit, stand and lay down. Simple things to ordinary families, to us following a basic command is huge. One of our biggest achievements this year is to be toilet trained. I can say I done the hard work, but you carried it on, he learnt that he had to also stay dry in school.

I know he’ll do lots more in school than he will at home. I know how he gets encouraged to do what you think he’s capable of and he’s changing all the time.

I’m not saying my son is an angel every day because I know he’s not! Im sure you can have him done for gbh on a few occasions , but I also like to think he’s being told off and it’s not being pushed under the carpet.

With less than three weeks left to go the questions where will he go next, who will be looking after him, will he stick with the kids he’s with now all start to be asked.

Will I like the new teacher? Will Z like his new classmates? Will Z be happy? The biggest one of all those are will Z regress when he’s put with new people? Think that’s one of the scariest ones that no one knows. What happens if he doesn’t like his new teacher or his classmates if they change? Everything is so scary, the not knowing is horrible.