The last day of the year.

Looking back throughout the year we’ve come quite far, to think in January he was peeling plaster off the wall!

We’ve had good times, rough times and some seriously hard times.

Photos don’t always tell the right stories, I look at these photos and see happiness, what those photos don’t tell is the bolting, the drop and flopping, the stamping and screaming ( by all of us!) most of this also on very little sleep.

But we’ve done it.

As a family we’ve cried, we’ve smiled, we’ve attempted new things, new places, not all worked out ok.

We’ve made many new friends, we may have lost some along the way.

As a person I’ve achieved more than I ever thought was possible, half way through my first year of a degree, I will complete it.

Autism can’t stop us trying things, as I said these things aren’t always a success we may leave after thirty minutes, we may not even get to go in.

But when we do make something it fills us with proudness, I keep saying if it’s hard for us to try imagine Z having to do these things we make him do and he can’t tell us how much he hates it, all he can do is run away.

I’m quite positive for 2020, if Z keeps going like he is hopefully this time next year we’ll be at a completely different chapter in out lives. Of course it’s scary, he’ll be eight still acting like a toddler. Still not sleeping, I’m under no illusions that’s going to change until puberty, or so I hope!

So thank you to everyone for making 2019 a memorable one, family, friends, brands for Sen sessions, teacher for bringing him along. Here’s to 2020!













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