It’s days like this I hate the no sleep of autism.
3.44 we’ve been up, Z thinks it’s funny and is screaming as loud as he can, the husband is shouting at him to shut up because he’s tired and has work and days like this he can’t stand autism and he never gets any sleep. I’m then screaming at him he hasn’t been disturbed at all this week as every time Z has moved I’ve jumped up in my half asleep state and put him back into bed, not that he would know as all week he’s been staying up to watch a film and then going to sleep in spare room as to not wake me ‘coz of course I’m (he’s) getting a full nights sleep, today I was too slow. Lesson learned.
I’m tired and about to loose my patience, Z is throwing things and screeching then laughing but tired. My neighbours must think we’ve all lost it as I’m shouting get down stairs you wanna get in a window the get up it’s safer down stairs where I can see you, no you ain’t going to sleep you want to get up get up. As he’s throwing things and crying.
My patience is going, I’m tired, being awake at 3.44 I’m also hungry and after listening to Z scream for the last two hours I’ve also got a head ache, it’s not the normal kids scream this is a high pitched make all the dogs bark scream. It’s the point that I could happily just let him scream in the garden.
At least at 2 or 3 am wake up he goes back after 2 hours is it worth letting him sleep for 45 minutes when he eventually goes back at 6?
I have his annual review today so I can’t come home and nap, not that I’ve actually ever napped but this is the first time he’s been up so early after I’d quit work for this reason. That’s when I get so angry and annoyed is because if I have something on that I can’t change he will go back to sleep at 5 and I get an hour then when I think I’m waking at 7 it’s not as bad as up before 4.
Try to look at the positives I can have a shower and wash and dry my hair before leaving for work this morning and not have to face around doing it at 9.30 .

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