I love how much progress you have made these last few months, I love how recently you have found your voice! 
But 3 am isn’t the time to be shouting and screaming and banging. 3 am is actually sleep time. 
In an interesting way the only time I woke when pregnant with you was 3am. But then I would just use the toilet and go on back to sleep. Now these 3ams are getting longer. When you were a newborn I saw 3am by 4 you were back asleep, on the odd day you didn’t wake till 4 for a feed you were back to sleep by 5. It’s now waking at 2.30 and going back at 5-5.30. The only difference is now we have work. Can’t stay in bed till 8-8.30 were up at 7. 
So Z you need sleep in order to keep learning your new skills of shouting and clapping. I need sleep in order to keep you safe when your learning these new skills! Yes, you don’t do things lightly, you like to test me! Standing on the back of the settee and clapping. Learning to balance well! 
So please Z start sleeping! What’s going to happen when you go to school?! You’ll still need to get up in the mornings! 
I’m praying that this is just one of those phases you went through at around 18 months, that was again a tough one! If I’m putting certain development that your making at a younger age does that mean we’re hitting these leaps twice? 

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