Three years ago today, the place changed, we had a call to say my father in law had passed away. I was around 10 weeks pregnant. I liked my father in law, think he was a well loved person. I’m glad he was here to see his oldest son getting married, the wedding was brought forward as being over weight for Ivf on my first appointment I thought get married this year and there’s more motivation on loosing weight.  The date I originally wanted was April 14th, yes the day he died. Glad we had told him we were undergoing ivf and it had worked, my first scan was on the day of his funeral so he never go to see even a picture of Z.
I feel a little sad for Z who never get to meet his grampa, who will never be taken by his grampa to the allotment, to help grow things, spot the fish and spiders, and just well spend time with him.
We can tell him when he’s older about his grampa. Maybe he’ll follow in footsteps and grow things, dad don’t and well I for one couldn’t as those spiders on those tomato plants are huge!!
There are times that if I miss him, it must be hard on his own family, I’m still lucky enough to have both my parents here and a huge part of our lives, especially Z. Like when I wanted to know how to re plant my Christmas tree,   W would have been there to give some helpful advice.
It’s crazy to think that it’s been three years, those three years so much have changed. But those three years could well be thirty, time moves on and we have Z to keep us on our toes! At least Z can say that his grampa walking stick is in glass on show in the local rugby club. Suppose that’s something to be quite proud of!

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