Day two of the six weeks holidays and I’m starting to think I’m not going to get through them! 
 Starts off with not being able to get shoes for Z as he’s a size 8 in one foot and 8.5 in another, well so says some young girl who was rushing, so need a second option ! A size 9 is huge on him, but 8 too small. I keep him in nike trainers as they seem the widest out there. I have to say I don’t like the style of shoes in the shop that measures kids feet! His Nike shoes say 8.5 so I was really confused as to why 9’s were huge. But nope 8.5 are actually 8’s! So he would need a 8.5 to fit him but they don’t do half sizes?? So we ended up not buying any!
 Next go get some chips for diner, if you explain to the one lady that your child won’t eat the sausage roll warmed or touching gravy she wraps the sausage roll up separate for him, I never get a problem, so today G goes in the same shop, came out and said they won’t do it. Umm yea they will, so him just accepts it, and they put paper over the chips and gravy, so the sausage roll don’t touch it. Gets home and it’s world war three, he knows he won’t eat the sausage roll coz its warmed up and not crunchy, he also knows he won’t eat chips with gravy on. Why not tell them, oh coz I was sort of embarrassed there were people behind me and I didn’t want to mention autism. So there I have it, he can’t fully have accepted it, I can’t fight the world for Z alone. I’m already sick of fighting and I’ve not even started yet I don’t think.  I’m not sure who I’m more angry with, the tears are from anger, is it the fish shop or with G for not standing up for his son? Maybe both?  
 If I knew just putting Z in the car and driving somewhere wouldn’t backfire on me tonight with sleep I would go, hey, I may even get him shoes! 
 So what does an angry upset mam now do? 

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