That’s how long Z has in school, ( obviously not counting weekends) this time last year I was counting down how many mornings I had left with him, to keep him all to myself with out sharing him all day. Now it’s panic in what are we going to get up to with six weeks to kill?! 
The next 33 school days are going to fly. Still don’t know who Z will have next year as his teacher, I’m sure this year they’ll know before September?! This is the eeekk moment for me as his Mam. If he was at mainstream you’d know who the next teacher was, and you’d either be glad or terrified! With Z no one knows, as they all move around and most children go on transport you don’t even have the ‘oh I know that teacher, or I like that teacher heard good things, like you would in mainstream. I have nothing to go on! Maybe after him being there a few years I’ll get to know teachers but with so many I don’t think that’ll happen. 
I’m lucky I pick him up everyday so would maybe recognise the new teacher, but then this is me I’m talking about so chances are I wouldn’t recognise the teacher come September anyways!! His teacher could live a few doors down that I’d see in passing, but put that person in the class room and I’d think oh I know that person but it would take me ages to think where from, yea I’m pretty rubbish at things like that! I really would walk past anyone in the street, or shopping as I wouldn’t expect them to be at that place so I don’t recognise them! 
What happens if  Z don’t like his new teacher or class or even classmates? He can’t tell me, how would he react? I’m sure he would be fine, but it doesn’t stop a parent worrying. If he could talk and tell me then I could say oh don’t be silly, teacher is lovely! But of course I can’t say any of that if he can’t tell me! Obviously my biggest concern is any sort of regression, he’s come so far with the teachers he has and I know I’ve been told that he would have met his new teacher and worked with them for ages so won’t be phased at all.
So 33 days, wonder how much more he can learn in 33 days? If only they could teach him to sleep!  

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