Folly Farm day. Woke up to rain! Even though I had been to folly farm once before wasn’t really looking forward to it in the rain. Yes, many people online have said it was fine in the rain, well I was going to find out! 
 I was glad I went, and if it’s nice next week think we’ll go back as a family! 

Breakfast on the go

First things first….. Puddle jumping. He knew he had to have his wear out of those wellies 😉
He loved the puddles, if he could have played in those puddles all day, he would have been just as happy! 

let’s just check the temp on this puddle…..

To be fair I think he was more interested in that big lake! Oh water! 
My favourite part was the giraffe and the Penguins. To be fair I think Z’s favourite part was the Penguins too. 
I think he could have watched those Penguins all day! 
Out of all the animals the only one he actually noticed and tried to touch was the goat! 
I love the way he’s actually smiling at the goat! He also knew he had to wash his hands after. Okay, he found the water! But we’ll say he knew he had to wash his hands! 
 In this area he just had more fun playing on the tractors, climbing and running, shame he couldn’t really play in the park areas today, if he hadn’t fallen asleep at the end I would have let him get wet and messy and clean clothes home! 
  Couldn’t really get any of him on the ride! He was ok on them, wasn’t too bothered, but at this point he was tired ! 
So the rain didn’t stop us having fun!  

Bye Bye folly farm! See you soon!

I’m really impressed how well Z actually done, a whole new place, with new sounds, smells and the bus ride! But he done so good, I can’t wait to take him back again!! 

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