I’ve been thinking, whilst waiting for it to go dark, letting my eyes adjust, so I can spot at least one shooting star tonight, about what I want to do before I hit 40. Yes, for those of you who know me I have a while yet….. But times flying! So here it goes, think it could well be harder than it looks.
1)  See the northern lights.
2)  Spend the night in the ice hotel.
3) Go on a girly holiday, even if it’s just a night away. Never went on a girly holiday, not because I wasn’t allowed but because I didn’t want to, then at 18 went off to work.
4) Actually see the iss ahead.
5) Get a new telescope.
6) Get a new tattoo.
9) Visit Canada
10) Take Z snowboarding. Maybe this could co inside with number 9.
11) Hopefully teach Z how to ride a bike.
12)  Loose some weight/become fitter
13) Break some rules! Live dangerously !
14) Deforst the two remaining embryos. This is something I think I have to be ready for as it’s such a huge life changing event.
15) Go and play a game of bingo, again I’ve never done this!
16) Eduacate myself on Autism, and possibly a few others along the way.
17) Try paint balling.
18)  Climb Pen Y Fan again.
I9) Go to London to visit the planetarium.
20) Do something to make a difference. Not quite sure what that would be, in sure as the time comes I’ll know.
21) Join a fitness class and stick to it!
22) Go to a blogger event, meet with other bloggers in person who I’ve been chatting to on social media.
23) Take Z on a camping holiday. We have the tent, I’m just scared on how Z will be, no bed, no routine so to speak, and lots of differences!
24) Completely cut out wheat and stick to it!
Ok, I’m sure this would have been easier if it was 30 things before 30. I’m starting to struggle!!
25) Find a way for Z to tell me what the problem is. To communicate some way. For the past twenty minutes he’s screamed, guessing games are hard.
26) Have at least one tidy room in my house! Notice I said one room and not a tidy house, I don’t think I’ll ever have a tidy house!
27) Go on a ferry and spend the night. To see the stars on the sea would be like seeing them back in the Alps.
28) Go bowling. I think the last time I went I must have been early twenties.
29) Clean my car and keep it clean for a whole week! ( ok, it maybe parked up for the week but it will be clean!)
30) When Z is in full time education get a tidy job maybe working back in childcare.
31) I would like to say watch dirty dancing, but I’m sure I’ve said that before! It will most probably never happen as I love seeing people’s reaction when I say I’ve never seen it!
32) I would like to watch bones from season one, oh and maybe csi!
33) I want the top of my ear re pierced. If I could get away with re doing my nose I would!
I’m on day two, I actually fell asleep whilst thinking. I knew this was going to be hard when I was stuck on 20 something.
34) Make my husband learn to drive!
35) Have a get together at mine over the Christmas season. With mulled wine, Christmas music and warm waffles!
36) Have a family photo shoot. ( after I’ve lost weight and been on a holiday !)
37) Do a good deed, so a pay it forward kind of thing.
38) See Celine Dion live
39) Save some money, so I can do a what I want to do before I’m 50! ( at least I only have to add 10 to that…)
40) Go on a a few days away with Z and his little little friends.
That list I struggled with! Anybody want to take part?

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