Thought it would be time to recheck how close I am to my 40 things  to to do before I’m 40 after chatting away this morning. 
So I don’t think I’ve managed to cross that many off!   Let’s go look…. 
I think I’ve crossed off quite a few! I’ve got myself a new telescope, spotted the iss overhead more than once, gone bowling, seen Celine Dion, gone on outings, been to bingo, managed to get my husband behind the wheel of a car, ok still having lessons but rome wasn’t built in a day right! We’ve managed to have one photo of all of us at my mates wedding, I’ve stuck to my Nordic walking class, which in turn I’m getting fitter. Met up with a few local bloggers more than once, must have broken some rules by now! I would say I have one tidy room in my house too but that maybe bending the truth a little! But they are much tidier than they were a year ago!
So all the ones that’s left other that the tattoo and piercings are the big ones I still have six years right! Wish me luck because I may need it along with a lottery win! 

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