Z’s into his fourth year of full time school, his routine has always been we leave, collect the escort, bus, school children and school. I collect him in the bus and dad takes him off at 3.30.

This year dads shifts have changed so he’s not here in time to take him off the bus. Now I get his stuff ready the night before, I leave and walk the pooch grab the escort and bus and collect Z with the other children, dad puts him on the bus. After school I keep him drop the children off and escort and home.

This isn’t one small change these for anyone I’d imagine are quite big changes, for a child with autism that loves the structure a routine gives I was worried. But he’s taken so well to it. I’m actually really impressed with how well.

On a Monday and Thursday he goes with respite, I hand him over and off he goes quite happy. He knows he goes soft play and swimming so he’s bound to be happy!

I know when he had his diagnosis that he didn’t fit into the routine category, he adapts quite well. Maybe this year was helped by keeping the same staff at school.

Each day he amazes me with how well he takes on the world, and mostly he does it without any phase.

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