Since before Z has been walking he’s been climbing, climbing everything from the settee to lately wardrobes. When he was little we had a slide/climbing frame in the living room, it did go into the sensory room for a bit then went into the garden, last year we got rid of it for his new climbing frame.
When last year he learnt he could climb the wardrobe and jump, or jump off the windowsill over and over again he cracked the ceiling in the living room, with the old lath and plaster it cracked and fell down.
I understand the climbing and jumping is all sensory, he needs to jump he needs the climb, the same way he has to run about.
We have the climbing frame, swing , slide set in the garden along with a trampoline, but he can’t play in the garden in the dark and rain at 8pm in the winter like he can in the summer months.
I needed to find something that he could climb, jump off if needed too, but was safe. I searched and searched the internet. I asked in groups and each time I was taken to sites that really wasn’t what I was looking for, until I came across sport kid.
Online help was great and I was talked through what I would need and how it would hold to the wall. No drilling!

Z’s mini gym / climbing frame was a go.
Ok, putting it together was a little harder but that may have been the instructions and me not making much sense of them, but once I started it was all up in the same day. Before we even got the net up Z was already chuffed with it and couldn’t wait to climb it.

We were going a little too slow for him so he had to try and help!

He’s played on it every day, he’s climbs, he’s swang, he’s ran, he’s climbed some more. He loves it.
Now I can’t wait to finish decorating his sensory room, mirrors will be next!
Being able to climb safely has helped Z’s mood, he’s been a calmer person, I’m not constantly following him around shouting ‘get down’, meaning he’s allowed upstairs on his own, as he’s not attempted to climb on the wardrobe since. He’s not trashing every room every two minutes, ok his room is still a mess but that’s his numbers and letters everywhere, that I can live with!

I’m thinking that this climbing frame really has helped Z with his sensory needs, my sanity as I can finally tidy the house!
I did receive a small discount for this climbing frame all opinions are my own.

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