My nan is on holidays with my cousin down In Porthcawl, so, I said I would take Z to meet them. Explained in work that I have my holidays written down for this week, even Z is off crèche.
Packs bag, makes a Z a litte picnic and off I go. G has work so has to stay!
We get there meet my nan, she brought two pence pieces for Z to ‘post’ he loves to post things! As were in the amusements, and the fair wasn’t open, I let him go on the one pound rides. Yea, he wanted off! You know those little seats that go around, for young kids. Well, Z wasn’t fussed! So me being me though go on have a go on the rocket instead. Little did I know it actually went up and around! Z wouldn’t sit still even with those seatbelt, try getting a child out of something that’s higher than you and moving the same time….. Poor Z was traumatised!
Coffee time! Who do we meet whilst having a coffee J and E and J’s mate Y. Ok Y is her mates daughter but still! So as Y and my cousin A are similar ages they got chatting, we ended up all heading back to the caravan for a spot of lunch.
We headed over to the beach that was a little drive away. The tide was in, or coming in. So as Z and E was sleeping what better way to spend this time but to grab a coffee and ice cream, would be rude not too! Heads off to the sea afterwards and I being a responsible adult, takes A and Y to jump waves. The tide is coming in quick so it’s jump and run back!
My poor nan was freezing waiting, so we walk back to the car, we leave her to warm up in the car with a book, J and I take the children to the field. Here Z can have his picnic. All he wanted to do was run around with the stick he found. Yes, the stick came home with us too, he personally put it in the car before he got in.
Time to drop to drop the family back off to the caravan, ok, the tide has gone out a little let’s see what Z makes off the sea, he was asleep for the wave jumping…..
Yes, that’s right, he’s soaking! The waves knocked him right over, that wasn’t stopping him form going back, and as he’s wet anyway what’s the point in stopping him.
So my jumper, had to do to walk back to the car! He looks like a grey ghost! Thank goodness I had his pjs waiting in the car, he had already gone through two change of clothes for tipping juice on them.
All in all I really enjoyed myself, think we all did, my nan for getting off the site, A for someone not far off her own age to have a conversation with, and well J and I always have a laugh!
Until next time! Can’t wait to see what the summer holidays will bring.

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