Again I’m all over the place on the send 30 day challenge. I will get there! Day 18.

A day in our life.

Today we’ve been up since 2am, last night I had mates over we sat and laughed in the last bit of bank holiday sun. Normally I don’t have people over, my house is a constant mess, but I’ve learnt to look away. It’s messy, it’s lived in, I don’t have gone off food everywhere piles of dirty dishes etc, it’s just not a show house. Far from it.

So when my I’ll call them guests left at 10.30 I went to bed. I was fast asleep by 11.15. At 2am Z was up. Ran straight into the spare room with his iPad. We’ve just had work done so all flooring is up upstairs everything is louder. At 2.45 the husband went into the spare bed with Z. By 3 am I’m hungry, thirsty and needing a wee. By the time I get ready to go back to bed, it’s take the iPad back off Z, as he’s got it on loud, far too loud for even the husband to snore through. 5.15 Z is finally snoring, I can now go back to sleep. They both are in the spare room.

6.45 husbands work alarm is going off. An hour an half I’ve been sleeping. I’m sure I dozed back off until 7.30 when Z came bounding in.

I come around, Z’s already tipping stuff out, I can hear daisy, goofy, Micky, that’s the tsum tsums over the landing. Add some pringles to the mix too.

I need coffee.

Ok I need more coffee.

Now I need food.

This could be the amount of vodka I consumed last night but I need more coffee. I’m tired. I start my day tired.

I’ve left the pooch out, Z’s in the garden too.

Tipped out are now the toot toot vehicles and the ducks.

I need food!

Give Z some milk, do him toast and cook myself food.

9am the electrician comes to finish off .

Run upstairs to pick the tsum tsums up, and apologise for the crumbs of Pringles.

Now fight Z to get him dressed. As fast as I put clothes on him he’s stripping back off.

10.15 meet the girls at soft play. It’s easier to get him out. My house stays cleaner. I now need sugar!

Home for 1.30.

Husband has picked up the toot toots and ducks.

I do Z sandwiches for dinner, I cook myself diner. I sit at the stairs, I’m not being attacked today, I’m tired.

Let Z stay out in the garden, whilst I put the cleaner over the Pringle crumbs.

I’m still tired!

Run a bath and cook Z tea, why I bother ‘coz he’s not going to eat it. He’ll scream for crisps and as tired as I am today he’ll eat crisps the sausage rolls will go in the recycling.

Keep Z in the bath long enough for husband to eat his tea without being attacked.

Z refuses to eat his tea!

Fight to get him up to bed.

The box of Tsum tsums have been tipped over again.

Were early today it’s around 8.15 and he’s sleeping. Meaning I’m not seeing 9.

The toys have been picked up from the garden.

I’m in my pjs. I’m ready for bed. I’d say to get a good nights sleep to do it all again tomorrow.

This has been the last 6 weeks, who decided to call it holidays don’t know what a holiday is ! This hasn’t been a holiday this has been a test of strength! Roll on school!


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