image            Today we decided to pop to down to Cardiff for a look about. Didn’t see much but bought Z a lava lamp!
We stopped by at frankie and bennys for lunch, I had packed Z’s iPad just incase, I’m glad I did! We had a bit of a temper because he couldn’t get monkeys jumping on the bed, but that’s because there wasn’t any internet to get you tube. A drink and Winnie the Pooh, kept him clam. He ate his pizza, laying down! Was so proud of him, he actually ate all the pizza. There was a child behind him who screamed the entire time, and got taken out for screaming!
Nothing like eating in comfort!
On the way out the worker actually said what a well behaved little boy. So chuffed!!
We tried taking him into pets at home but think being tired and not wanting to go, he ended up screaming and throwing himself on the floor. He calmed right down when he saw the fish. G wasn’t happy when a lady just looked at Z on the floor and shock her head at us. Yes love I’ll leave him there he’ll get up in a moment, if I pick him up he will throw himself back on the floor and everything will take longer!
With one little guy fast asleep, G gets to play his game for an hour, I get to write this and catch up on drop dead diva. When Z wakes we shall pop up to see J and E for a coffee!!

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