I took Z to visit my sister this week , ok she’s not quite in Newcastle any more but it’s easier to say she lives in Newcastle to my mates!
The drive up on the Monday was great, no traffic at all we had a quick stop, Z hated the services and the only way I could get him out was with two Mr men books and dragging him whilst he’s screaming ‘mammy daddy’.
We arrive and he’s fine, doing good, then meltdown and half going to McDonald’s. A lolly and then a happy meal he was back to himself.
I was really proud of how well he coped, he only attacked his cousin once, maybe twice but in five days that’s good! He also only had one accident and that was the Thursday evening. He stayed dry all the way there and back again that’s amazing.
We went out every day, first day we popped to the metro centre where we done a little bit of shopping an Z choose a hat, yes a hat!

Then we met M from nursery and went to a park, what a fun park!
Wednesday we went on a boat ride, drove over to Holy Island, and then stopped at Blyth Beach for chips and ice cream!
Thursday we visited a soft play and Shiremoor adventure park before walking down the key side to see the bridges lit up!
I’ve taken Z twice before, once when he was around 18 months and he didn’t do too bad but we didn’t actually get to see much of Newcastle, second time was horrific he kept the b&b awake from 3am and I swore I’d never go again. Then my sister moved and there was a spare room for us to stay, so they were prepared for the no sleeping, the smearing and the meltdowns. He slept… yup from 10.30 till about 8 every morning! He didn’t smear once, and the meltdowns were few and far between. Maybe he lead them false promises so we’d go back again?!
It was lovely spending time with my niece too, as normally when she comes down she’s all grampa’s girl and don’t like anyone near her, but she allowed me to pick her up without freezing and was chatting away to me telling me all about her day! She followed Z’s every move, got a little more confidant around him which was lovely too see.

Hopefully now I’ll go back again and won’t be so worried!

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