You have to take into account it’s not you! You see the old teacher was with them for 18 months as you’re aware, she was used to them as they were her.

I said two years ago if there was a teacher I could choose funny enough it was you! You look full of fun and energy and the kids love you. The parents will love you eventually it just takes us time! But we are the best group of parents you can wish for!

Each one of those children you could see making progress, our group chat would be he’s learnt this, he’s learnt that. When we say learning it’s not only about the reading, speech and normal learning stuff. It’s the social things. I’m sure the last teacher was Z’s first crush, not that he’d know that, he wanted to engage with her, I believe this was the start of him learning to play with others, he would do anything for her, normally he’ll do things at home that school don’t see in months, but he showed her what he could do and she believed in him.

Z’s behaviour has been a bit meh the last few months, I’ve had a meeting at school there was an option to possibly move him, so if I fight for that option now it’s nothing to do with you. The week after our meeting I had my Z back, I’m not sure what had changed everyone told me nothing, but I know my child, I didn’t fight him to get ready in the morning, I didn’t fight him to get on the bus in the morning, he was happy coming home and the patch of peeled paint hasn’t gotten any bigger.

Half term he has been fab, I remember these times before and I wouldn’t so happy to see school as he has been good, this last week I’ve had that child back. One that has been using words, ok he’s gone back to whispering them but he’s making that progress again. I’m not used to so much sleep, he’s been sleeping on average 10.30-8, this Is since September when he has been seeing 11.30 nightly, and we’ve seen every hour of that clock in between my alarm going off at 6.40.

He’s been happy going out with respite, he’s played well, we’ve drawn, coloured, practiced writing, laughed and played musical instruments, his love of music has grown even more. But most importantly he’s been happy.

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