The last official day of the school holidays.

Next week Z returns to school. He’ll return to a new teacher. Its getting easier each year for me! I think Z just goes with the flow.

Of course I always worry, new class new teacher and a child that can’t tell me how his day has been, he can’t come home and tell me anything good or bad. He’s still my baby, I’ll always worry over him. The biggest fear I have is he’ll regress in what ever new skill he’s achieved and over the holidays we’ve achieved quite a lot with Z.

He knows the days of the week, months of the year, he knows all his colours, shapes, numbers and letters. His speech has come on massively. No we can’t have a conversation with him and nor does he really try to have one with us. But I’m more confident that he could if we continue the way he’s going. He uses the toilet and a few times this week alone has requested the toilet. We’ve even got a poo on there.

I know he can do those things, get shoes, socks and coat. He can get his own towel and wrap himself after the tub. I think where I’m trying to go is with this is make him do things himself. Push him that little further than you want to from the start, he can do it. I know he can. Don’t open anything until he asks you too. He will push you too, he’ll wait for you to give in. Don’t do it! Don’t fall for his sweet little face on day one!

We’ve been working on writing his name, he needs the confidence, if I hold his hand he’s doing the movement but won’t do it alone. If you want him to do anything write it down he reads well. I know as a teacher you’re not going to believe a parent who says her non verbal five year old can read but please believe me when I say he can. He won’t always read out loud and again this is something I’m working on but he’ll read it in his head. We’ve worked on using his pointing finger and naming things, objects and words, again sometimes he’s really engaged and will point independently others I’ve not got a chance.

Swimming we’ve worked hard, you really should see him go underwater. Again I’m guessing he won’t because he can stand in the pool. This is taking me back to the whole take him out of his comfort zone and he’ll cope. Of course I’m not saying push him in the deep end and leave him, but start this year as you mean to go on, harshly!

This is the first six weeks holidays I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed having Z home. ( some days it was nice to hand him to respite!) I’m going to miss him, we’ve done lots and he’s been my little superstar. We’ve attempted a few new foods too which again is huge!

I’m hoping this year he’ll be your little superstar, he’ll make you laugh like he has us these last few weeks.

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