This year we’ve not had the chance to meet the teacher, covid-19 took a lot off us this year. It took away Z’s last year of infants so to speak, I know school isn’t the same as infants and juniors but to us parents it’s kind of the only shall we say normal part of school we get.

Teacher, next year you’ll have Z. His first year of juniors, I’m sure Z himself isn’t the problem. Right now I bet I’m known as the challenging parent, and I’m guessing that’s the polite wording!

I’m really not that bad.

Yes I’ll fight for what’s right for Z, I fought from the beginning to have Z, he’ll always be why I fight, but if he’s happy I don’t get involved!

I was always told, happy kids equals happy parents, keep the kids sweet and the parents will love you!

But, that was last term. Now that’s all over. I’m excited for Z’s future, a fresh start, a new beginning.

I realise how hard the first term is going to be for you, you’re going to have Z come into your class, Z who’s not been at school for five months, a new area of the school, a new teacher and new classmates. I can only apologise for that now, I have no idea how that’s going to go.

Z is crazy, I’ll never say he’s an angel because I know full well he’s not! But he’s not a bad kid, he’s pretty good for listening, I take no messing off him, he’s not spoilt that way, I don’t use autism as an excuse for bad behaviour, of course meltdowns and sensory meltdowns are not bad behaviour, that’s his only way of communicating to us. He does something that he’s not suppose to he gets told off!

Of course I’m a little scared sending Z back to school after so long off. I hope he’ll be chuffed to come back and will be happy to learn. He’s starting to want to do a little writing for me, I still have a few weeks left yet to see if we can master that a little more independently, I don’t think we will but I’ll keep trying.

Right now he’s happy, he’s starting to use his words more, ok, some of those words are in Spanish and even German and Dutch, how’s your languages?!

Other than languages he loves music, numbers, letters, spelling, swimming, and he’s really getting into his Lego and gaming along with tiktoc right now too. He loves the sensory side of things, and the science in how things work and of course freedom to run, jump and explore. His listening is coming on great, his speech is improving each day, just yesterday when I told him YouTube didn’t work on the fire stick, he replied liar! His listening to verbal commands is getting better, when I say get your stripy pants he’ll get them instead of switching on the light. We’re not at the stage of him having a conversation, he will come up to us and say ‘Cómo estás?’, my basic Spanish knows it’s how are you, so I’ll reply happy, he will ask random things in other languages that I do not know, if I ask him does he want pizza he will sometimes reply with a yea or a mmm, I’m taking that as a positive in he’s trying.

I’m excited for what’s in store for Z, for a fresh start, for an outsider to see Z for who he is and not for his behaviour, which I still believe was his way of communicating he wasn’t happy. Yes he still has behaviour issues at home, he’ll stick the chin in you when he’s hurt, were working on it, not sure what and how yet as we’re redirecting him to the trampoline to ‘bounce it out!’,

These last few months I’ve watched Z slowly return to the child he was last July, he’s happy, he’s wanting to engage and now gets excited when he sees a photo of his little friend, he’s missing children’s interaction.

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