Eleven months, thirty eight weeks, one hundred and ninety days, one thousand three hundred and thirty hours that’s how long you’ve watched Z and roughly six hundred nappy changes! 
Not long left, twenty days and counting! 
I know if he could talk he would say ‘Thank you’. 
As he can’t say it I’m saying it for him. 
Last September Z started full time, of course I was nervous, I was giving you my wild child for all them hours. My child who’s still in nappies and who doesn’t say a word about his day, to a school I didn’t really know much about. Yes, he’d been part time for nine months but he hadn’t really bonded with any adult in the room, so full time was going to be completely different. I was nervous, not knowing who the teacher was, as I said I didn’t know enough about the school or staff to not be worried. I was just handing over my giant baby to be looked after 9-3 when knowing if anything was wrong he wouldn’t be able to tell me. 
But I needn’t have been worried. To see Z progress in a few short weeks was amazing, first parents evening not long after he started you were all pleased with his progress, he had kind of grown up over the holidays, he was ready for school. 
Days went to weeks, weeks to months and I could see the way he’d look at you all, with love. Easter, when we had a Bonnet day, was when I noticed the bond he had with you all, he’s comfortable, he smiles, he laughs and  he listens. He’s treated with love and affection, school really is his second home. There’s no way he could react like that on a one off which shows me that’s how he gets treated every day. Some parents may get jealous, I’m not one of those parents I’m thankful that he’s found others that he’s comfortable around. Others that can love him like I do. 
When he started saying names at home the smile would go right to his eyes, ok, when the one name was mentioned he would grin and go all shy, he missed you all as those Easter holidays showed me when all I had was teacher, bus and school over and over again. First day back and he couldn’t wait to get back to school. People say oh it’s the routine the reassurance of the building. No it’s the people who look after him. 
I’ve enjoyed getting to know you all from those five minutes of what he’s been up to at the end of the day to ‘grwp’, this has been great, not only for the help and an insight of how you manage him but to see the work you all do every day. He’s not easy to manage, he can run, and quick! But you try and keep trying, and that I appreciate. Yes it’s your job, yes you get paid, but not enough in my opinion, every morning you have smiles as you take him into class and every afternoon you bring him out laughing. You’ll answer or find answers to any questions I throw your way! You treat the children as one of your own and for that the children not only Z, love and respect you for it. 
So thank you, thank you for watching my son this past year, thank you for taking care of him, thank you for working so hard with him to master new skills, but most of all thank you for making his first year at school fun. It must be fun for him to want to come back every day. 
I know in twenty days he’ll be saying goodbye to you guys, I know he’ll be happy with his new class, teachers he most probably already knows them. Bet he’s  picked out who’s going to be his tickler and who he’s going to try and wrap around his little finger! It’s the parents who have to adjust, it’s like going back to the realisation that portage stops, and you’re on your own! 
Next year as much as I’ll worry about him going back I’m guessing every parent does, I know he’s safe, but it won’t be his first year again! He’s used to the school, the faces and the routine. It’s just another new chapter in our never ending story! 

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