This will be the second post I’ve written sat behind the wheel of my car. This time I’m not a complete mess! Z is at crèche his times have changed, I go to work in this hour instead. So I drop him at crèche, work and go collect him. As he was a little later going in today don’t want to pick him up an hour later, so thought I’ll go grab myself a latte from the big M! I’m sitting here drinking it in quiet. 
After work today it’s kidsfit time. I know Z is going to fall asleep on the bus so it’ll be nice to let him run about, before dropping him off home and me heading back for Zumba! 
I survived Monday’s hour, I’ve given myself till Christmas if I can’t do it by then I’ll look at something else!
I’ve also had very big news today, thats a new post altogether when I get the heads up I can share! Excited! 
Now to go collect my little munchkin and see how he’s been. 

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