These last few weeks it’s as if a switch have switched on in Z, with his language understanding. He’s still not talking, lots more sounds and more aware of what’s around him. 
 On Thursday after portage and health visitor he wasn’t too well. He just wanted to be close to someone. After getting antibs down him he was much better on Friday. When I mean get them down him it’s holding him down and forcing them, makes it slightly easier with no front teeth to get the syringe in, eve easier for him to spit back out. After much struggling on both parts, him to get out of the hold I was trying to keep and get the meds in, I was saying swallow it and be a good boy. After he managed to get away he actually said ‘good boy’, you think he’ll say It again. Nope! I can get no, no, no out of him. Z bed, no, no, no! It’s quite funny, as other than mam he don’t use any other word in context. He’s come out with a few words but then you don’t hear them again. 
He stayed with nan on the Friday for me to go to work. If my mother was singing a song Z didn’t like he was going up and biting her chest, I’m taking it as he didn’t like that song and change! Like you do with the minions you push their belly. So, yup making a connection that nan’s a toy. 
Again on Friday, I said Z, car, dad. Meaning Z, get in the car as we’re going to pick dad up from work. He ran to the radiator and grabbed dads t-shirt! Took it to the car, and insisted he carried it around tesco afterwards!
Saturday, I told him whilst he was lining his ducks, Z, bath next. I went to run the bath, then Z got in the bath fully clothed! He understood that it was bath time! 
He’s also learned lately that anything in cups or beakers when tipped out, makes a nice puddle on the floor, and what do you do in puddles but splash splash! 
It’s nice to see him coming along, it’s taken months to get where we are, I’m sure he’ll continue to keep learning new things and keep progressing. 
Today is party day, it’s going to be fun taking him into the centre where he goes swimming. Hopefully because he’s been to a party there before he’ll be a little bit better this time, plus E to hold his hand he maybe ok. 

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