Not done a what Z can do post in a while so whilst I’m fighting with him to go to sleep, I thought I’d write some things down! 
Where do I start! He’s learnt to get onto the window without climbing on anything. They all have locks on them but I still hate him being on the windowsill and banging the window. He’s learnt to attack people when they eat, and throw a temper. 
He’s learnt to follow simple commands such as, come see, or let’s go, down, slowly and bed! Ok bed has been there a while he knows where and what bed is yet choices not to sleep there! 
Now to get the next part as in help me tidy away his toys, or collect a certain thing for me. 
He’s started to sing, well it’s in his own language but it’s a sort of tune to it! He’s also starting to dance to certain songs if they come on and copy rhymes that he watches on you tube! He takes things in and then processes them. The other day I watched him play his drums with his hands crossed as he sees his instructor do, I was a little chuffed at this one, as it means he really is taking things in! 
He’s learnt to take his trousers off along with his nappy, and I’m pretty certain he’s asking for a drink. He knows when he’s dirtied, he’ll go hide, looks promising for toilet training! 
I look back and think wow he really has come on loads. Next up is full time school, eeeekkk! 

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