It’s not far off 11pm and now I’m stopping for the day!  8pm alarm wakes me ready to take Z swimming, he loves swimming, so, as we normally go after work on a Thursday morning we were getting up to go, only J and E made it today! Fruit shoot and toast afterwards, and a little fun play! 

Giving him kisses!

Then he went to spend time at nans as he’s not seen her in a few days, I came home and showered after swimming! 
I had a letter, regarding Z’s schooling. The simplest of letters going, with only three questions to answer, I got the first question being my name, the second, has to be my name, the third…. Ummmm! First person to ask would be N, poor N gets some really random texts off me, this one goes somewhat,  what does a named person mean, when statements get done, if I don’t provide one LA do?! N ummm nope! Not a clue was much different when I done it. Fair enough. Next person was S portage, in all fairness she kinda has same txt off me. ( at least with N I can send the pic of the said letter!) S without seeing it, I couldn’t give an answer, again fair enough! So third person to try, the person who sent it! 
I don’t even have to put in a name! I can put any professional who is involved with Z’s care, as a back up kinda thing, ( well I’m assuming that’s what the lady meant!) Phew! Panicking for nothing then, did tell me there’ll be many more letters through the post. I look forward to them….. 
A quick shower, later and shopping, a happy meal for nan and Z, and a quick visit to E, home, some tea for me, pack some stuff for folly farm tomorrow, and we’re back out for the indoor play session with NAS M, Z loves this. He runs around for the two hours, makes people clap for him and runs around again! 
   He does take a minute to re-charge…… !! 
Home and in bed for 9. 
 That’s when I look at weather for tomorrow, rain, oh and more rain. So hunts for Z’s wellies, to find out they are a size to small. At 10pm I wanted nothing more than to go to bed, but rain means he needs wellies, a quick stop to tesco, all wellies reduced in price, from £3.50. Fab! Ok not Z’s size, the only size I could find for him were minion ones, ok he likes minions, these how ever were not in the sale, the only wellies that were full price. So if he don’t wear them tomorrow they are going back! Now it’s bed time, everything is packed, things on charge, food done, drinks ready, clothes ready, spare clothes packed, all I need to do when I get up, is get his other welly sock from his room, and get dressed. I think I’m organised but there is bound to be something I’ve forgotten to do, I know I’ve not packed suncream, and I’m not planning on packing it! It can rain all day so he can wear his wellies! 
 I’m off to my nice comfy bed, for hopefully a nice long sleep! I hope to have lots of fun at folly farm even in the rain! 

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