12 months,  365 days,  a year. 
It’s gone so quickly.
As a year depending on who you speak to it  could  have been a rubbish year, or it could have been a great year. Ok, so there’s been lots of celebrity deaths, but as a family we only said goodbye to my uncle this year, the same time as we welcomed my first niece into the world and a few of my mates have had babies too. 
In regards to Z, we come a long way. I know he can read words even if he can’t speak them. He loves school, from doing seven months part time to full time in September. He’s grown so much, his understanding has come on loads. 
As a person I’ve had my gallbladder removed and slowly starting to loose the weight I’ve been trying all year to loose. I’ve met the local bloggers a few times which has been great. I joined a local nordic walking group and enjoy walking in the dark cold nights! 
I’ve helped my cousin start her own section on my blog, I hope she’s learning something and is enjoying herself! 
This year we’ve also witnessed one of my best mates get married, we’ve been to our first ball, we’ve tried ice skating, we’ve visited caves,  we’ve laughed, we’ve cried. I know we’ve done loads. 
What’s for 2017 ? 
In all truth most probably nothing different to 2016. I’d love if Z would start using his words or his letters to start communicating, if he could really click with toilet training. 
We need to make more of an effort to make play dates with J and E since my operation and Z being at full time school we’ve not kept in touch as much as we should have. When E saw Z this week and I said it was time to go, her reply please don’t take Z away he’s my best friend. So once a week we have to meet up, we have to go places.
I’ve said I’d like to try and do more fun things with G, maybe bowling or the cinema. 
We need to go on holidays as a family need to stop being scared of how Z will react and just go for it. 
Who knows what 2017 will bring, no body will ever expect anything that it does. It’s a new year I could say a new me, but it’s not going to happen! 
Hope everyone’s 2016 was ok, if it wasn’t here’s to 2017! Tonight I’ll be playing monopoly with a vodka or two. 
Happy New Year! 

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