With just a week to go until school resumes. We’ve had a great few weeks off. Is he ready to return I’m not quite sure.

We’ve spent the summer having fun, playing at the beach, visiting new places, swimming, and just doing nothing some days.

This summer he saw his old teacher for the first time since they broke up from school in 2019 to go into lockdown, someone he had a great relationship with. She’s now his pa. He loves his respite time, he gets in that car waving bye trying to get his belt on whilst trying to close the door the same time whilst smiling.

Right now he’s happy, he’s thriving. Just yesterday he let me brush some of his hair, ok I’ve not been allowed today but when he’s happy and content he’ll do pretty much anything.

His speech is getting better, I’m not forcing him to use mouth words it’s on him. I will ask him what he wants and he sometimes replies food, feed, eat. Or he’ll tell me walkers, or chips. Other days he will walk me to the freezer and take my hand to the fries. And you know what that’s all ok, it’s all communication and it’s understandable.

I am hoping a new class, new children and a new teacher will do him the world of good. I watched him interacting with M, to be fair that’s really the only child he’s really seen all holidays with us spending so much time away, and he was trying in his own way!

I feel like I’ve gone back to the summer of 2018 where we had an enjoyable summer, yet this time he’s that little more older and have been better at listening. Would I still trust him not to run off ? No. Would I trust him in the sea without his life jacket and off rope ? No!

Here’s to the last week. The end of summer. The hopefully smooth return to school!

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