Since Z stared full time school we’ve not seen much of J and E, add that to my surgery and the antibiotics stopping vodka Friday,  life just generally getting busy with me working in November, and then how busy December is what with works do’s and Christmas. The first vodka Friday in what feels like forever was last Wednesday. We had a good chat and realised how much life was getting in the way of our social life!  
Today we packed Z and E in the car and off we went on a bear hunt at Garwnant. 

Ok, it’s not quite a bear!

Z hasn’t really seen E since his birthday, we did meet up at soft play over Christmas and we’ve stopped by for coffees. Today was nice to follow on from July time when we were getting out on little adventures on a Sunday. 

They both had lots of fun, they ran, they lay on the floor, Z decided to run through the forest, I did panic, as I thought I would get stuck in a big puddle, J just laughed. They found frozen puddles that they jumped in and cracked and we found the giants chair. We did bring out the chocolate to walk back down! 

It was lovely to just walk, laugh and chat just like before school got in the way! As we left really early it was very quiet, when we were ready to leave it was then getting a little busy, but still enough room to run around the park. 
Here’s to the lighter nights, the dry days and lots more adventures. 

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