About six weeks ago we had to pull all the flooring up upstairs in order to have the house re wired. Six weeks later the only floor that been relaid is my bedroom floor. I’d say that’s because I saved the wood and spent a the day putting it back down. Next up we had to take all the tiles up to start the kitchen work, I went to choose a kitchen, we’re walking on bare floor front door to kitchen including bathroom. That’s without an empty kitchen, all cupboards are empty, and we’re still none the wiser when they’ll start. Trying to do any work with Z about is asking for trouble. He won’t let you do anything, the minute he sees the hammer he attempts to take it off you and Bang about! During the half term plan was to get Z’s room sorted. Was hoping to put some carpet down, thick underlay and carpet try to re-inforce the floor. Then the spare room. The toilet needs doing too. Then add doors to the equation for upstairs. In theory the kitchen would have been completed by now. I would have fixed the bathroom sink that Z had pulled loose in the holidays in a meltdown trying to escape out the window, and we would have put blinds up on our room, we did have curtains again until Z pulled them down. The blinds in both his room and the spare room within a few hours of being up he’d already snapped the wood part inside. Now we have to put a new ceiling up, Z’s need to jump and run about upstairs have cracked the living room ceiling. Mentioning this on my page, it looks to be a common problem. Autism and a nice house don’t go. My house has never been tidy, I’m the first to admit I’ll do the washing and dump the clothes on the stairs. Or I’ll let all the dishes pile up. But they are simple jobs, the jobs Z is giving us are big jobs, you need time, tools and money. It’s never ending! If I had a never ending supply of money I’d do Z’s room, I’d put a nice thick carpet down, a nice thick door , one that could take a slamming and not get stuck! Then I’d start and finish the toilet, paint the wall and put new flooring there. As for the spare room….. we’ll if I had all the money I’d get someone to do that for me!So if anyone want to paint, lay floor, do any tiling, if anyone wants a house renovation project I have the house for you!

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