Yesterday Z wouldn’t put any weight on his foot, I waited then headed to a&e, thinking 10 am on a Sunday would be quieter. We were seen by 11.30 but he wouldn’t co-operate for X-rays. They didn’t know if it was his hip, leg, knee or foot. He was adaptive an animal with an injured paw! 

He was good at waiting, iPad in hand, crisps and mints, I forgot his drink. We were allowed to pop next door and get some so can’t complain. 
We were told we could go home, but to come back the following morning. When I went to put on his bottoms, the doctor wanted to re check thinking it was his knee, he wouldn’t straighten it. We were taken to the ward where we ended up spending the night. Two failed attempts at blood we finally managed on attempt 3 late at night. He screamed, he kicked he cried. Yes I feel bad holding him down but it’s something that has to be done. Need to see if there was an infection.
He fell asleep not long after, and slept all night, I on the other hand….!! 

This morning his bloods came back clear, no infection, but he still won’t straighten it. Bone doctor was happy for him to go him. Peads sent the x-ray for other doctors too look at it and they were happy that it wasn’t an infection or a break. So we were allowed home, have to go back in 48 hours just so they can check him out.
No one wants to be stuck in hospital but I’m happy that he was observed for the night and they as doctors feel he’s ok. Imagine if I didn’t take him and thought give it a few days and then there was a break, I’d feel so bad! 
Again, staff were great, I can’t complain about them on the ward they are always friendly and helpful! Hopefully I won’t be there again this year! Well after Wednesday anyways. 

First day of our holidays were spent at NHS hotel. Thankfully we had no other plans! 
We did have pizza for tea for being such a good boy and we’ll have to head out tomorrow now! 

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