I woke this morning as I always do when I hear Z making noise, usually mam mam mam or screeching or banging his cot, I go in and say good morning Z, took one look at him and he had been sick in his sleep. ( This scared me a little, I was worried for the fact that I hadn’t heard him, what would have happened if he had choked on it? Why hadn’t I heard him? Why didn’t he cry. There’s no way he would have cried and we both would have slept through that.)  Then the smell hit me that he had a dirty bum too. So I got him up and headed straight to the bathroom to wash this nasty stuff off!
We’ve had a few nasty nappies today! I’ll spare you the details!
Then I had a phone call off my mother, now when my mam rings I expect bad news, my uncle had passed away early hours, so R.I.P G.
Z had his usual afternoon nap, I caught up on greys anatomy, why do that greys? Next week I can see me bawling my eyes out! Then fortitude, there has to be another series of that don’t it?!
Z wakes, as I’ve had a lazy day, I took the pooches out. I walked them around the streets first for 20 min then headed back towards the field, where we done 3 laps. After the first they were struggling to keep up, but, as the vets have said they are both over weight, they have to suck it up and walk!
Home an hour later, and it’s time to tidy, put away all Z’s toys and mop the floor, even though it’s had an antibacterial wipe or two over it today, it needed mopping, with warm soapy water! Then the bathroom had a good bleaching, and the floors got mopped too. I have another load of washing spinning now. It’s been a busy two hours since I’ve gotten in. It’s time for a coffee, a wheat free coffee cake and write some names on raffle tickets for my nan. Selling them Obviously!
So as i’m finishing writing this and my coffee, Z is asleep, it’s time to catch up with Game of Thrones with the hubby. When did Sunday’s get so busy?
I think I like a busy Sunday, it would be nice if a mate had a pooch and we could go walking on a Sunday! A bit of company, there’s only so much Ed you can have playing in your ears!

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