Where to start?! 
I’m sure by the end of the year we’ll love you, the same thing happened last year and now we don’t want the current teacher to go. This has nothing to do with you, its us as parents we hate change even more so than the children! Or maybe that’s just me? 
Give us a few weeks I’m sure we’ll adjust by then! 
Z is still my baby, he’s someone who hasn’t got the ability to tell me how his day has gone, if he likes his teacher and what’s gone on at school. Think when your placing a baby into a crèche you get to go visit different crèches trust your gut to go with the best place, I know the school is the best place he’s safe, he’s loved but it’s learning to trust the people in charge now to choose the best person to watch my baby. That’s a little hard, he’s still only four. I’m guessing it’s going to get easier the longer it goes on, well I hope it does! Maybe it’ll get easier when we learn who the teachers are, we as parents can bulid that relationship with the school, it just so happens you’re completely new, same as last year. Maybe that’s a good thing, there’s no parents to say oh Mrs ABC is just the best and we take an instant dislike to you! I’m sure we won’t and we’ll be the parents saying next year oh she’s great you’re lucky to be getting her. 
It’s harder too when we as parents don’t get to see you everyday it’s different at mainstream all we have is a book and parents evening to look forward too. We don’t  have the good morning or how have his day been like most parents. We don’t get to chat at the school gates.
You’ve met Z, you’ve met me briefly, yes it’s hard to start chatting when in effect we’re grieving for the staff we know we no longer have, on the plus side that will be you next year! 
So Z, he’s a lovable, smart, funny, amazing four year old, he’s learning to use words, I’m also biased, he can be a little monster! He also hates sleep, some of my best entries come from a 3am wake up! Back to Z, when he’s a little monster he’s hard work, ok he’s hard work when he’s a loveable, smart, funny amazing guy too! I’m one of those parents who don’t mind him getting dirty, not first week back in new uniform mind! I know he will fight to wear an apron, and I expect him to be dirty he’s in school where he’s playing. I know his class would be reception now and there’s a lot more emphasis on work but he’s still only four, let him play some more! There’s always next year to really knuckle down. Be the fun teacher!! 
He can be stubborn and I’m guessing he can be just as stubborn in school that’s not something that won’t happen just because he’s at school. I also know he’ll do things at school he wouldn’t dream of doing at home. He loves being outdoors, he loves to spell and loves his numbers. I’m lucky I’ve not had any bad reports from school, ok he hates anybody eating, and will attack you, or anyone else he can get near too. He’s a runner, if he can he will run and he’s quick! I do like to know where or how he’s cut himself but that’s not me being an over protective parent I just don’t want to spend a few nights at hospital! Oh and he hates R.E! 
As for the ones that’s staying, you kinda know the score, you know I’m the quiet one! 
Have a good six weeks stay safe and we’ll be counting down the days till we’re back at school! 

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