Eight weeks have passed that you’ve now been teaching Z, I’ve only spoken to you briefly after school.
The first time we met as a parent I was nervous, apprehensive and scared. You see my son has been in school a year and half, he’s come on so well, I was scared of him going backwards, regressing. His language was just starting to make some sort of sense before the holidays I was scared that a new teacher, new class mates and six week off would have an effect on him.
It hasn’t.
The first tidy conversation I had with you was parents evening last week.
Z is coming along well, you seem pleased by his progress and maybe, yes it was time for a new teacher. I’m also guessing that come July I’ll be feeling the same as last July, now if only next year he can go and have last years teacher back and so on every year!
Looking back it must have been hard for you as a new teacher coming in with us parents practically crying because we were loosing the last one! I’ll have to try and remember that for July, that couldn’t have been nice for you, and only now I’m seeing that as I’m writing. So I’ll apologise!
Z still loves coming to school so you can’t be that bad!
I can’t say he’s done much more in eight weeks but I’m hoping by the summer he’ll have made loads of progress no pressure there miss!
So here’s to the next term and the year that follows. As much as I can say I miss his old teacher we seen her a little more often, maybe not after eight weeks so maybe I felt like this this time last year.
As a parent it’s hard sending your pre verbal child to school, you worry about him, what goes on he can’t come home and tell me. I’m guessing as a parent there will always be that worry when he moves to a new class, a new class that we would have already have sort of known the teacher unless for the third year running well get a new teacher then I’ll be back to being that worried mother!
So thank you! Thank you for doing the job you do, one that allows me to send Z to school and not have to worry.

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