It’s Wednesday and since Monday all I’ve thought about is Z and what I’m going to do regarding his education. I had come to the conclusion that I was keeping him as he is until January. Then assess his needs again. Then if it was still no to mainstream, special education school it was. I would rather him get the help he needs than nothing. 

Today I was told I don’t have to worry as there is funding to cover children like Z who are kinda in limbo until the new term starts. So he can continue the way we are. Huge relief. I now get to wait to see how he is in a year. 

This came after him sort of being turned away from the dentist. He had an appointment at 10.00, ok, I thought it was 10.10, we were there at 10.04. To be told we were late and he wouldn’t be seen as the next patient had already been called. We have to arrive 10 minutes before. Z isn’t the type of child who will sit still for those 10 minutes never mind extra if they run late. But, what 2 year old would wait. This really annoyed me and I most probably could have gone into a huge rant about this as a separate post. When your dealing with children things don’t always go to plan, dirty bum as your just leaving the house or screaming for that special something. Yes I’ve taken him out of that dentist. 

So after the day of ups and downs, I would like to thank my mates, yes , I have many mates some this don’t regard. Some I’ve not mentioned it to. Some say he’s not that bad *insert school name here* , oh I couldn’t. Some say look at it as a private education you don’t have to pay for, and some say he’s Z he’ll always be Z and we’ll always love him as Z. 

 You really do learn who your friends are when you have kids! 

But what put a smile on my face tonight was Z popping bubbles with his pointy finger! 



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