Yes, you read that correct, a picnic in the car! I picked Z up from creche, popped to tesco on the way home to get in the vodka for this evening up at J’s. J had already got it, so was some sausage rolls and some Pringles, got G some chocolate, for his baby sitting duties tonight.
Thought by the time I take Z home it will be time to bring him back to collect G from work anyway, may as well go straight there. So we’ve been sitting outside work with our munchies! It’s raining and were in the car laughing. Z in amongst a mouthful of Pringles I’m sure said duck, for the dancing duck in the car.
The time was going good, until he’s just crunched all the crisps up all over the car! Now it must be cleaned, cheers Z!
There’s only so much kiddie music I can actually take, so now I’m going to take him inside to run wild. Then it’s home, pjs on ( yes for both of us!) J will pick me up and it’s vodka time!
Can’t drink too much vodka tonight as we do have a kids party tomorrow, so an indoor play area and a hangover I’m sure won’t mix very well, and to be honest I don’t think I even want to test that theory out! It’s still nice to go for a few drinks, a good chat and a laugh.

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