Monday, normally the start of the week, today being bank holiday I had Monday off. We didn’t plan anything for today, weather wasn’t all that great, yesterday was the same. Did take Z to see his nan yesterday, not been down in a while, he took notice of his cousin which was good!
Today, today Z and I got up, left G in bed, I know I’m a lovely wife! Anyways, Z was nightmare! Okay, he was just being Z, but whatever he wanted to do, within two minutes he didn’t want to do it. I couldn’t leave the room either, so Z crying actually woke G up! So as my house needed cleaning I cleaned, yup, a full day off work and spent loads of it cleaning, what am I becoming? Is that a typical mother thing? Why do mothers get half hour of free time just to clean? I went and grabbed a few odds and ends from the shops, stopped by J’s for a coffee, and her mam had E for her to clean. Well, as busy cleaners here, coffee was a welcome break! How different it is to enjoy a coffee with no children, vodka night with no children is different as there’s vodka involved, but coffee is coffee! It was so quiet!
Arriving back home Z had fallen asleep at 4, yes, 4pm, he had around 40 minutes sleep, that 40 minutes sleep has meant he’s still awake now. He’s in his cot and have been for around an hour. He’s not crying so he shouldn’t be much longer. He needs to go to sleep as he has portage in the morning. He had last week off, so it’ll be fun tomorrow. Hope he behaves! I’m sure he will!
I could happily go curl up in bed and go to sleep. I still have a few things to do, drying my hair is one, but as it feels like a Sunday night I’ve also got the I can’t be bothered mood on. Maybe I’ll just get clothes ready for the morning and if I get a burst of energy I may even iron them, or I may not do anything and just go to bed instead!

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