I’ve not said much these past few days, well since Saturday! This week has gone much smoother! It’s already 8 o’clock on a Tuesday and I’ve not felt like  bursting into tears. Yea, go me!
Monday, it came and went to be honest, Z didn’t have portage this week so I’d already made plans  to meet with my mate so I and Z could have a play date, as it happens she had her baby in the week so we met with J, had a little cwtch and off he went to sleep! Looking at J and how small he was, or is, makes it hard to believe Z was actually smaller than that. Wow.
I dropped Z off at my mothers for the afternoon save unsettling him getting out of the car again, and he stayed until kids fit. I’m not going to lie I was scared this week, after Z’s performing last week, but, he was good. He seemed to love every minute of it. All that space to run around, he did have a go on the trampoline and I’m sure he’ll get the hang of jumping eventually. He had his little drink and then continued running around, mainly with a huge smile on his face. Think he even managed to give N a smile as there wasn’t any scissors in sight!
We then took my nan shopping and he was fab, until the last 10 minutes or so, but by that point he had just had enough! He still didn’t go to sleep any earlier!
Today, we started off at the indoor play centre, he was good as gold again, even tried giving E a kiss! I know yup, he went on to her for a kiss! Young love……
Back to creche today, good going in too, his one to one met him outside with his drink, handed him his drink in the car got him out and walked in lovely. I’m praying these strategies S put in place last week continue to work! It much better when he’s getting out of the car not attacking anyone.
After creche we popped to see my mate, her pets are rats! Yea, she has two! So I held the one, showed Z and he actually took notice, if you call trying to pull the fur off it, the rat was fine I was quick, he went back in his cage. Z did take a little bit of notice of them, this I’m chuffed with as they don’t make any noise to get his attention and it’s not as if they are huge things either!
A much better week this week, I’m hoping last week was just a phase. It’s good to know that if it’s a phase that so happens to happen again I have a good network of mates, old ones and new ones!

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