It’s already Thursday, this week off have flown. Yesterday after Z’s hospital appointment, that he done really well at, when she could get the eye contact to see his eyes!
I decided lets go visit Barry, Z wakes and away we went.
I nearly go there when I thought I had trapped wind, then I started to get very hot. I had to pull over and lay on the floor. I managed to get me to the car park where I rang for my dad to come and collect me. I knew I wasn’t making it home. I have never felt pain like it. It hurt to breathe. I lay down on back seat of car shivering, but sweating. I not only scared myself but also G, who can’t drive. He said I lost all colour and if we were closer to home he may even have rang 999.
Went to docs today, she thinks it maybe my gallbladder and we have to keep an eye on it.
On better notes, Z have been amazing. He’s learnt to give clover the bunny hugs and hold him by the ‘hand’ to stand him up instead of laying down! I was so proud!
As we didn’t get our chips and ice cream on the beach yesterday we treated ourselves to Pizza Hut tonight.
Yes this is my gluten free one, it was lush!
Z even tasted pepperoni off G’s pizza! So again I was so chuffed!
Now it’s time to catch up with Game of Thrones!

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