Z and I have been invited to a local support group, this thought terrified me. I’ve spoken to two ladies who seem lovely, they’ve both offered advice and have been really understanding. But I was still scared to go. Why? Why would going to a coffee morning scare me? This is coming from me! Me, the one who will give anything a go, who worked as a children’s rep at 18. Maybe it’s coz I’ve now been opened up to the inside of play groups! Those places are worse than school.
After chatting to one of the ladies, it’s not so much as a play group more of a coffee morning, but Z can come with me. So I’m going to be brave and go. I’ve said I’ll be there tomorrow, so I will. I bet it won’t be anything scary about it. I hope not anyway as I’m sat her chewing my nail!
Again life is full of adventures, this is part of mine. How can two strangers yes, strangers make some one they’ve never met feel so welcome before I’ve even set foot in the front door.
Z had his own adventure today, one that involves E of course! It was a sunny afternoon and as I’m heading to pick Z up from nursery, I rang J to see if she fancied coming for coffee. Coffee ended up with a bite to eat! I know we’re supposed to be on a diet! But it’s food!!
It was the first time for Z to climb trees and he loved it, at first he fell off, but got straight back up again. There’s nothing like seeing a little boy climb trees. Trees are meantto be climbed. E gave them a fair shot too, she’s still little, but I was impressed!
There’s  nothing better than a spur of the moment coffee, food and good company. Where would Z an I be without you?!

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